The Old Cart Wrangler, The New Silence, and Other Notions

Monologues and Short Fiction

by Brian Price

WE’VE ALL SEEN THAT LONE SHOPPING CART sitting on the edge of a parking lot. Who goes and gets it and brings it home? Why are the mouths of catsup bottles so narrow? What will the new silence sound like? Droll, slightly dystopian, and delightfully wobbly, this collection of comic prose poems and short fiction by audio drama producer and playwright, Brian Price, is a fine introduction to his unique world of magic realism, stage monologue, and childhood memories. Perfect for public performance, private soliloquies, or just reading with your mouth full during lunch.
All the spoken word pieces from Great Northern’s Loose Wheels and Narrow Necks collection, the entire Cart Wrangler’s Saga, plus short tales and remembrances.

Available directly
from the publisher, Lulu.
172 pages, $16.99 in paperback.
The Old Cart Wrangler, The Book


  • The Highway Is Like a River
  • Closed Mouths and Narrow Necks
  • The Old Cart Wrangler’s Saga: Cart 437 or The Long Way Around
  • Verifying Graffiti
  • Your Mileage May Vary
  • The Slow Crossing
  • The Collapse of the Twentieth Century Was So Gradual
  • The Secrets of Blackberry Pie
  • Clones Day Parade
  • The New Silence Series
  • Fish Concerns
  • Hard Hops and Perfect Surfaces
  • The Hill
  • The Old Cart Wrangler’s Saga: Cart 437 2.0: The Continuing Story of a Man and His Shopping Cart
  • Sewers, Dams and Triples
  • A Ford and One Pink Shoe
  • Under the Broken Tree Bridge
  • The Last Deer
  • A Cure for Science
  • The Old Cart Wrangler’s Saga: Cart 437 3.01: Potemkin
  • A Fist Full of Keys
  • Dog Toys in Space
  • The New Renaissance
  • The Tiniest Souls
  • The End of the Bike Trail