Decoder Ring Theatre Reprises Mark Time

Decoder Ring Theatre’s Summer Showcase Carries On Peter Galaxy

Peter Galaxy, Interstellar Envoy

Decoder Ring Theatre is proud to present Mark Time Show Time, a Showcase series celebrating scripts originally written for live performance by Great Northern Audio, in conjunction with the awards ceremony of the Mark Time and Ogle Awards.

This Week: Peter Galaxy, Interstellar Envoy

We are so pleased to be able to hear what some other people do with the story we wrote for a Mark Time Radio Show. Originally it featured David Ossman of the Firesign Theatre, and Michael Sheard, a popular Brit who appeared in Star Wars and Dr. Who.

They have planned six of these Mark Time scripts, so be sure to head over to
Decoder Ring Theatre every couple of weeks this Spring for a reprise of silly sci-fi. You can find more about each one on its own page on this site.

The Recollections of Turner Ashbey

Turner Ashbey, Chapter 16

T_Ashbey_Chapter 12

Writer, historian and former ambassador to the Great State of Colorado, Turner Ashbey looks back at his life including his on and off again relationship with resistance leader, Laze Fitzgerald.  

Chapter 16

A song about Fair Liza, The Saint of Reunification.  Liza waited quietly by the side of the road and would not let them take that orphan boy.   “Fair Liza lay in wait and she smote them.” But what does that mean? Fair Liza and the song seem to have a basis in the recent history of the Sundered States.

The Recollections of Turner Ashbey, Chapter 16 (15 minutes, 10.4 MB)

Great Northern on Facebook & Twitter!

Yes, it’s true!

The Great Northern Audio Theatre is finally on Facebook and Twitter. We had to bring on Kris Markman, our new Director of Communications and Media, to do it since none of the rest of us even thought to look.

Great Northern on Facebook Facebook:

Great Northern on Twitter Twitter:

We’ll be posting about Great Northern activities, the annual Mark Time Awards, and other stuff from the Audio Theater community. So get over there and Face us, or whatever it is you do.

Speaking of community: Feeling a little under the weather? We recommend just a single bottle of Rosenblat's Native Restive Oil and Elixir. Listen to a brand new piece called, Common Side Effects, starring Barbara Rosenblat and Sande Sherr, written by Barbara R. and Brian Price for VoiceScapes Audio Theater.

The Recollections of Turner Ashbey

Turner Ashbey, Chapter 15

T_Ashbey_Chapter 12

Writer, historian and former ambassador to the Great State of Colorado, Turner Ashbey looks back at his life including his on and off again relationship with resistance leader, Laze Fitzgerald.  

Chapter 15

History has changed.  Maps have changed. The tides have changed.  Turner and his friends enter the Realm of Kentucky and Turner ends up working for the Duke of Lexington's daughter.  

The Recollections of Turner Ashbey, Chapter 15 (18.5 minutes, 13.4 MB)

Mark Time Radio Show Sales Event at ZBS

Mark Time Sales Event at ZBS
Yes, the Mark Time Radio Shows are all ON SALE at ZBS. So if you didn’t get them before, NOW is your chance! Highest quality audio download available anywhere - all at 320 kbps.

Our digital warehouse space is limited and all Mark Time Bundles downloads have been slashed and must go:

Did we say? MARK TIME FIRESIGN THEATRE GUEST BUNDLE - was $39.42, that´s crazy, now $34.95.

The MARK TIME GUEST STAR BUNDLE - was $19.42 now a ridiculously low $14.95.

and The COMPLETE MARK TIME RADIO SHOW COMPLETE BUNDLE - (was $59.42) -- 15 years of science fiction satire and lunacy performed on a live stage in front of a live audience for just $52.95. That includes 14 shows plus a number of audio shorts.

Here´s what some of Mark Time´s favorite professional guest performers have had to say:

"The collection of CDs you guys have done over the years at the Con embody some of my favorite live performances (and the few opportunities to play in other writers´ work!)"
-- David Ossman (Firesign Theatre)

"The most fun I´ve had in 20 years."
-- Michael Sheard (Dr. Who, The Empire Strikes Back)

"I´m not putting that bucket on my head."
-- Wally Wingert (The Tonight Show)

"That´s it. I don´t want to play the dwarf anymore."
-- Cyber Bob (Cyber Bob and Silicon Kid)

"You can´t have two Scotsmen in the same play. It´s just not done."
-- Phil Proctor (Firesign Theatre, Rugrats)

"It´s ok, Philip. I´m sure they´ll do better the next time."
-- Melinda Peterson (Cagney and Lacey, MacGiver, JAG)

"Look, really, the dinosaurs aren´t mine."
-- George Leroy Tirebiter (High School Madness)

Yeah, we do make them available for sale, but all of these have been on many peoples’ podcasts for years, so it’s not like they aren’t out there to find. This is just the high-quality audio files with a CD cover PDF file included.

While we’re on the subject of ZBS, we’re broadcasting their latest Jack Flanders story, Dreams of Tiffany Blue, on Sound Affects: A Radio Playground on KFAI community radio. It’s January 5 and 12, 2014. If you missed one, they’re kept in the archive on the KFAI website for two weeks.

AND, a wonderful ZBS series called Saratoga Springs is being made available for listening by the online news-site, Saratoga Wire, along with a nice writeup about Tom Lopez, the talent behind everything ZBS.

And finally, all the Mark Time Radio Show CDs are available at Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore, in Minneapolis, including the latest ones - Jokes in Space with VIllains on Parade, and Thwack That Dirigible with SpaceGirl, which aren’t available on CD anywhere else. CDs specially made for Uncle’s.

The Recollections of Turner Ashbey

Turner Ashbey, Chapter 14

T_Ashbey_Chapter 14

Writer, historian and former ambassador to the Great State of Colorado, Turner Ashbey looks back at his life including his on and off again relationship with resistance leader, Laze Fitzgerald.  

Chapter 14

Turner enters the Realm of Kentucky and joins a band of entrepreneurs selling citizenship and peerage transfer papers to honorable customers.

The Recollections of Turner Ashbey, Chapter 14 (16 minutes, 11 MB)

The Recollections of Turner Ashbey

Turner Ashbey, Chapters 12-13

T_Ashbey_Chapter 12

Writer, historian and former ambassador to the Great State of Colorado, Turner Ashbey looks back at his life including his on and off again relationship with resistance leader, Laze Fitzgerald.  

Chapter 12

The great Get Gone is in progress and Turner and his new friends, Ed and Claire, are headed to Colorado, but it looks like Kentucky might be in the way.

The Recollections of Turner Ashbey, Chapter 12 (14.2 minutes, 10 MB)

Chapter 13

The venerable historian, Turner Ashbey, never did like the number thirteen.  Here's what he did about it.

The Recollections of Turner Ashbey, Chapter 13 (2 minutes, 1.7 MB)

Convergence Con Report

Mark Time At Convergence 2013

The Mark Time Awards were presented at Convergence 2013 on July the Fourth. See an entry below for a list of the winners. And many thanks to the Geek Partnership Society for their continuing support of the Mark Time Awards and other events. But that wasn't the only remarkable thing that happened to audio theater at Convergence.

Attending the convention were several of the current Mark Time and Ogle Awards winners, including Jonathan Mitchell of The Truth, Jeffrey Gardner and Clayton Faits of Our Fair City, and Domien de Groot and Eline Hoskens of Audio-Epics in Belgium. And it gets better. Also around for the fun were several past Awards winners, such as Fred Greenhalgh of FinalRune, Scott Hickey of The Grist Mill, Matthew Beaudreau of Aural Stage, Jeffrey Adams of Icebox Radio, and Cayenne Chris Conroy of the Teknikal Diffikulties podcast. Oh, and Brian Price and Jerry Stearns of Great Northern Audio were there, as usual, to start it all off with the Mark Time Radio Show.

Mark Time attendees, 2013
Sitting: Brian Price, Jerry Stearns, Richard Fish, Kris Markman.
Front row standing: Domien De Groot, Jonathan Mitchell.
Second row: Eline Hoskens, Peter van Riet, Jeffrey Adams, Scott Hickey.
Third Row: Jeffrey Gardner, Clayton Faits.
Back Row: Fred Greenhalgh, Cayenne Chris Conroy, Matthew Beaudreau.

Room 404

Since there are so many of these audio type people attending Convergence lately, Fred, Matthew and Jeff Adams decided it was a good idea to hold a party… for the whole weekend. So they initiated the Mark Time Broadcast Central party room on the fourth floor. That was the official title, anyway. But throughout the weekend we all came to call it just Room 404. It seemed such an appropriate number.

Up in 404 they set up a makeshift recording studio, with microphones, sound deadening backdrops, sound effects inputs and recording devices. And they invited anyone dropping by to take the opportunity to see just how much fun it is to record your own audio drama. They handed everybody a script, assigned parts, put on the headphones, and gave them their cue. If you'd like to hear some of the results, Fred uploaded them to SoundCloud, and you can give a listen at: .

Besides the above mentioned audio people hanging around 404 you could find Monique Beaudreau, Matthew's wife (who designed the poster identifying the room as Broadcast Central), Dave Irwin, the sound effects artist for Icebox Radio, Peter van Riet, the composer for those marvelous Audio-Epics productions, Dr. Kris Markman, who often sits in with Great Northern to help present the Mark Time Radio Show, Chase Peterson, who is an inestimable MT Show production assistant, and Brian's daughter, Eleanor Price, who is Great Northern's most valuable critic, and has composed and performed the music for several Mark Time Radio Shows. It gets to be quite a gathering.

Fred posted a few photos from Convergence that you might find inspiring.

Audio networking

And that's the point. Convergence has become a place where audio theater producers and participants can meet, have fun, and make contacts that wouldn't happen otherwise. More than one collaborative production has come out of meetings at Convergence over the past few years. And more were talking about it this year.

The Mark Time Radio Show

As has been mentioned, we present the Mark Time Radio Show just before the Opening Ceremonies at Convergence. It's an original science fiction / fantasy comedy radio show from the Great Northern Audio Theatre. This one is loosely related to the convention's theme of British Invasion, and is titled The Sword in the Couch. (36 minutes) Picture a Victorian mansion as you would find on Summit Avenue in St. Paul. The lights are coming on in the third floor apartment, the one with the turret on the southwest corner. Urban fantasy in a TV sitcom.

War of the Worlds contest

Convergence Programming Head Craig Finseth came up with the idea to celebrate this year’s 75th Anniversary of the Orson Welles’ broadcast of the War of the Worlds by holding a contest and invited people to make a tribute show. With a maximum length of 15 minutes, and only a few other criteria, they wanted story options to be as open as possible. You can hear all the entries on the contest website at: Look under Matt’s Sat Feed to hear them all.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

All in all I’d say it was a very successful convention for audio theater. Many panels on audio subjects such as productions styles, voice acting, podcasting, and writing for audio. How does that sound to you? Registration for Convergence 2014 - A Midsummer Night’s Dream - is still at its lowest cost. See more at Who knows who might be there.