Audio Theater on the Web

Technology has made it possible for anyone to collect sound, record some actors, and assemble it all into an audio movie that can sound really good. Of course you still need all the usual things to make it stand out - a well-written script, good actors, appropriate sound effects, and music that doesn't overwhelm.

There is more audio theater being produced now than there used to be during the Golden Days of Old Time Radio drama. It's not on the radio, but it's everywhere on the Internet. Websites. Podcasts. Everywhere. Here are some good places where you can find good stuff to listen to. It's not meant to cover everything, and some of it isn't free. But we have found good listening here.

This listing is general, of websites that have links to more specific audio programs. If you want to get more specific right away, try the
Audio Theater page for Sound Affects: A Radio Playground, which has direct links to sites full of good listening.
  • ZBS Foundation
    Creators of Ruby, the Galactic Gumshoe series, and the many Jack Flanders adventures. Superb production and sound design. Look for Meatball Fulton's podcasts for lots of audio fun. This is their 50th year in production, and still going. They offer an episode or two of something on their home page, two new ones every week.
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    The Sonic Society is a Broadcast/Podcast out of Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. We showcase the very best of Modern Audio Drama from around the world. We also showcase new releases of Audio works here on the site, give links for latest episodes, and look at new audio series. Please join Jack Ward and David Ault in the Society.
  • is a collaborative directory with the goal of offering the most comprehensive listing of websites for audio drama enthusiasts. Anyone can contribute to this site, making it an ever-expanding, up-to-date directory for all things related to audio drama. They have over 4400 links to websites where you can find audio theater that is for purchase or free to download.
  • The Internet Archive is a repository of everything... That's pretty much it. This link is to their large catalog of Old Time Radio shows. They are listed alphabetically, or searchable by several other criteria. Often of low quality audio, but they are all free. This category is part of a broader one called Radio Programs, in case you want to broaden your listening.
  • Midnight Audio Theatre
    Midnight Audio Theatre is a weekly - Fridays at Midnight, or course - broadcast (and podcast) of contemporary audio drama, coming from WCBE Public Radio in Columbus, OH. Hosted by Catherine Rinella.

    And each year they hold a script writing contest, and produce the winners. Many of these
    MAT Features are really excellent. So tune in.
  • Reddit
    Reddit has posted these 162 BBC radio dramas newly available in Sept 2018.
    Total duration, 12.26 days -- Avg production year, 1997 -- MP3 file count, 401.
    Genres, classic; comedy; drama; historical fiction; horror; mystery; and sci-fi.
    They also have an Audio Drama Discussion thread at: