Audio Theater Resources

These pages are not meant to be comprehensive or complete, but do offer a wide range of resources available to people who want to learn more about the production of audio theater. We include websites, books, and other tools to assist in understanding and engaging in the production of audio theater. Topics include writing, sound effects, and production theory and technique.

Writing Audio Theater

There are many websites that discuss writing for the theater, but only a few that focus on writing only for the ear. We have links to those, and some books that cover the subject of scriptwriting.

Sound Effects

Here we include websites that talk about how to Make sound effects devices, where to find them, and what others might have used to make some specific sounds for their productions. We have links to sites that discuss the theory of using sound effects for audio and film, and to sites that have sound effects sample libraries you can download. And we suggest some books that are available to read about the practice and history of sound effects on radio and television. We include our own
Outline of Radio Sound Effects page, too.

Producing and Directing

Some articles on the production of audio, the history of audio drama as Old Time Radio, the current state of audio drama in the US and overseas, directing actors, and other related topics.