In The Embers

An independent feature-length audio drama
A song, a pressed flower, and the sound of two girl’s voices recovered from a burned wooden beam by using a laser to read its charred surface like the grooves of an old 78rpm record. These are the clues that archaeologist, Digger Morgan, discovers while working on a routine Maryland plantation dig. Who were the girls? When was the fire? The answers all lead to 1920s jazz pioneer, Kit Jeffers, whose voice mysteriously appears on Digger’s computer, and whose existence remains haunted by a singular tragic event.

Bonus tracks

Give a listen to The Making of In The Embers here. It’s an entertaining 60 minutes of interviews with the authors, the actors, the musicians, and useful information about writing and producing audio theater.

We also interviewed Robin Miles and Jacquie Maddix on
Sound Affects in December 2016, about the play and their parts in it.

Podcast by
Midnight Audio Theater, Ep. 176 and Ep. 177.
Best Audio Drama in 2017 Audie Awards
In The Embers was chosen a finalist in the Audie Awards competition in 2017, in the Audio Drama category and in the Best Original Work category. It WON the Best Audio Drama category.
it was especially nice to work on something intelligent, and that's so well done.
Tom Lopez, ZBS
Original songs by Mike Wheaton and Brian Price, vocals by Robin Miles.
In the Embers (Wheaton/Price, FarOff Music)
My Gorgeous Boy (Wheaton/Price, FarOff Music)
My Columbine (Wheaton/Price, FarOff Music)

Amazing Grace (Newton, Public Domain)
Italian Aviation (Deodato/Vanzetti, Callahan)

Songs on the radio:
Home Is the Road (Wheaton/Price,
McClure/Trowbridge Publishing)
I Surrender Dear, Ben Webster
Some Day Blues, Pete Johnson Blues Trio
5 Foot 2, Golden Gate Orchestra
Me & The Man In The Moon, Ambassadors


In The Embers


  • Edwin Strout – Digger Morgan
  • Robin Miles – Kit Jeffers
  • Olivia DuFord – Young Alice Jeffers
  • Dawn Krosnowski – Susan
  • Gordon Smuder – Tom
  • Susanne Becker – Cindy
  • Tom Joyal – Berringer
  • Charlie Meitzner – Denny
  • Dean Johnson – Epstein
  • Jacquie Maddix – Old Alice
  • E. G. Bailey – Reynolds

  • Written and Produced by Brian Price and Jerry Stearns
  • Recorded by Jerry Stearns
  • Music by Mike Wheaton
  • Songs by Mike Wheaton and Brian Price
  • Directed by Brian Price
  • Cover art by Christine Mitzuk
  • Mixed at Froggy Acres, Fort Miller, New York, with Tom Lopez
The story is excellent, the music is excellent, the audio quality is excellent, and so are the actors. This is a drama that goes in the permanent collection.
Scott Danielson,
Fascinating story, with some terrific performances.
Stefan Rudnicki


• Available for download now at ZBS.
• CDs available in the Twin Cities or by mail order at
Dreamhaven Books and at Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction Bookstore.
• Available now from
Blackstone Audio's Downpour website as download or CD, and including an exclusive Making Of audio documentary.


Robin Miles

Starring - Robin Miles

In The Embers cast, partial

Tom Joyal - Susanne Becker - Charlie Meitzner - Gordon Smuder - Brian Price - Edwin Strout

More In The Embers Cast

Jacquie Maddix - Dean Johnson - Jerry Stearns
at the studio of KFAI community radio