The Learning Curve


The Rise of Francis

What does it take to jump-start an economy? Why, consumers! So what do politicians do to jump-start an economy? They create millions of new consumers by emancipating creatures and monsters, real and fictional. But is the public ready to accept creature-made entertainment features? They're politicians, what do they care?

Featuring David Ossman of the Firesign Theatre, and popular Hollywood voice talent, Wally Wingert.
The Learning Curve


  • David Ossman - Major and Malder Hack
  • Wally Wingert - Big Jack, Francis, Ty
  • Tim Wick - Writer, Dad, Sid
  • Windy Bowlsby - Holiday, Katie Rumba, Mom
  • Preston Ossman - The Oracle
  • Eleanor Price - The Learning Curve
  • Jeffrey Adams - Lawyer, Zollie Thustra, Drunk
  • Applause sign - Rachel Adams

  • Sound effects by Brian Westley
  • Written by Brian Price and Jerry Stearns, with Eleanor Price
  • Directed by Brian Price
  • Produced by Jerry Stearns and Kris Markman
  • Performed at CONvergence 2007
  • Sponsored by MISFITS

A Great Northern Audio Double Header

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