Dialogue With Martian Trombone

The Ramon Raquello Orchestra was supposed to get their big break that night in 1938, on Orson Welles' Mercury Theater show, but they kept getting cut off. The rest of that program became famous. Still is. But what happened to the band? We join them many years later, at a reunion of the band, and it seems that they can't seem to escape the influence of the Martians.

Featuring David Ossman and Phil Proctor, of the Firesign Theatre.

Performed at the Mark Time Radio Show at CONvergence 2004. – Performed again as part of the Mark Time Awards presentation at the 2018 HEAR Now Festival in Kansas City, with an all star cast - listen here. (See below right.)

Available at Blackstone Audio’s
Downpour site, and in the Great Northern Audio Theatre Collection.

"A brand new one from Stearns & Price. Personally, I think "Dialogue With Martian Trombone" is their best ever. David Ossman and Phil Proctor simply shine, their brilliance illuminates every nook and Martian cranny."
Tom Lopez, ZBS

MARTIAN TROMBONE is a brilliant example of a genre I don't know what to call. Fictional characters and plots are inserted into actual events with real people. Love it, though. TROMBONE is ... an indispensably hilarious modern coda.
Richard Fish
Dialogue with Martian Trombone


  • David Ossman - Tony Maraschino & Martian
  • Tim Wick - Archie Raquello
  • Windy Bowlsby - Amanda Henrî
  • Don Cosgrove - Dick Dyson
  • Jeffrey Adams - Aldrich, Young Vic
  • Sam A. Mowry - TV newsman
  • Phil Proctor - Newsreel announcer
  • Dean Johnson - Sheriff

"For anyone who fell under the spell of the orignal War of the Worlds this broadcast is a real treat. (I wore the record out, so I'm a real sucker for it.) It was good enough that if I heard it while driving, it would keep me in the car until it was over. A great idea within a great idea."
Patrick McLean, AIR Review Board

Martian Trombone 2018

At the 2018 HEAR Now Festival in Kansas City we restaged Martian Trombone for the Mark Time Awards Ceremony.

We were able to field an all-star cast, too, including David Ossman, Phil Proctor, Melinda Peterson, Orson Ossman, Richard Fish, and Donna Postel. Sound effects by Tony Brewer, and Trombone by Johnathan Curtman. Engineering by Renee Pringle.
Martian Trombone at the Mark Time Awards 2018

A Great Northern Audio Double Header

Also on this CD: (included in the "Three Wizard Tales" download)
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High Moon

(by Jerry Stearns)
The hungry young punk calls out the Old Pro for a showdown on the hot dusty streets. But the old-timer has a few ideas of his own about how this ought to go down. It isn't the first time he's heard that challenge - "Magic! At fifty meters!" And he plans for it not to be his last.

Performed at Minicon 32, 1997

Podcast as part of
Three Wizard Tales by Moonlight Audio Theatre.
  • David Ossman - Marvin the Magician
  • Kevin Swan - Ruckus
  • Jane Yolen - Neezer
  • Steve Perry - Gardocki
  • Richard Fish - Cursor
  • Kara Dalkey - Kenzie
  • Live sound effects by Brian Westley
  • Music by David Emerson

Wizard Jack

(by Brian Price)
He's a stupid old wizard, but he means well. And when he shows "Bill" that he can fill a bottle with tomorrows, well that just doesn't sit right, and "Bill" wants to buy them all. But old and true friends turn out again to be more important than just about anything, no matter how good your magic is.

Performed at Minicon 33, 1998

Podcast as part of
Three Wizard Tales by Moonlight Audio Theatre.

  • David Ossman - Wizard Jack
  • Philip Proctor - Bill & Fripp
  • Melinda Peterson - Bimi LaBomb & Frapp
  • Jane Yolen - Farrell
  • Live sound effects by Brian Westley
  • Music by Mike Wheaton

A Cure for Science

(by Brian Price)
Mix a voice, a prose poem, and a trombone together on the same stage and it's just going to boil over and cause trouble. But maybe that's the point. We love doing these short, jazzy little things.

Performed at Convergence 2004.
  • David Ossman - voice
  • Trombone by Jim ten Bensel