Drummer's Dome

Drummer Crowley is finally able to build the house he always dreamed of, a geodesic dome in the woods. That's because they finally released on CD the three albums his band, Bent Sunshine, made back in the Sixties. So he's enlisted his son and daughter-in-law to help, and hired a carpenter. But now they are finding that the inside of the dome seems to somewhere else, Drummer is feeling better than he has in years, and that carpenter, well, she's starting to look awfully cute.

Available at Blackstone Audio’s
Downpour site, and in the Great Northern Audio Theatre Collection.

"Absolutely first rate. I'm envious - a great original idea. The kind of original Sci-Fi stuff I've come to expect from Price/Stearns."
Roger Gregg - Crazy Dog Audio Theatre, Ireland
Peter Galaxy: Interstellar Envoy


  • Dean Johnson as Drummer Crowley
  • Irene Ruderman as Brenda
  • K. C. Braun as Paul
  • Beryl Greenberg as Sarah
  • Jerry Stearns as Stan
  • Drums by Bill E. Webb
  • Sound Design by Jerry Stearns and Brian Price
  • Artwork by Ken Fletcher
  • Directed by Brian Price
  • Produced by Jerry Stearns

A Great Northern Audio Double Header

Also on the CD:
  • The Velveteen Submission , or The Lighthouse at the End of the Tunnel (29:04)
  • The Clones' Day Parade - by Brian Price, performed by David Ossman, music by Mike Wheaton (9:03)
1969 Tour t-shirt
Tour T-shirt, 1969
Taken from the cover of their double album, "
Excess Is Not Enough", on Northern Rails Records. A double album with three sides produced in the studio, and the fourth side a live performance cut. Released in February 1969.

Excess Is Not Enough

  1. Bent in the Wind
  2. Far From Fargo
  3. Abigail, Aren't You?
  4. Return of the Implements
  5. Endeavor To Keep On Truckin'
  6. Counting on the Count of Monte Cristo
  7. Koochiching
  8. Mud Bucket
  9. John, Dear...
  10. Excess Is Not Enough
  11. Back Trail
  12. You Manager, You Brought Her Here
  13. Idylls of the King
  14. Red Shift
  15. The Norton Anthology of Rock and Roll
  16. The System's Crashing - LIVE! (16 minutes)

Bent Sunshine after nearly rehearsing, 1991