Jokes In Space

The Mark Time Radio Show 2009

A veritable cornucopia of silliness and misinformation, "Jokes In Space" will give you the latest on abandoned warehouses, dead Tribbles, interstellar disasters, internet get-rich scams and tips to sell your planet in today's competitive marketplace. Jokes In Space was performed before a live audience and the listener is assured that no plots were used or harmed during the making of this production.

Bonus tracks include the hard-to-find "Last Shuttle" and the beguiling prose poem, "Under the Broken Tree Bridge."

Available at Blackstone Audio’s Downpour site, and in the Great Northern Audio Theatre Collection.

Podcast by
Radio Drama Revival.
Jokes In Space


  • Windy Bowlsby
  • Michael Fischbein
  • Charlie Meitzner
  • Megan Petersen
  • Eleanor Price
  • Jeni Warwick
  • Tim Wick
  • Sound Effects by Brian Westley
  • Music by Eleanor Price
  • Recording by Fred Greenhalgh, Kris Markman & Jerry Stearns
  • Written by Jerry Stearns, Brian Price and Eleanor Price
  • Directed by Brian Price
  • Produced by Jerry Stearns