Jokes In Space

The Mark Time Radio Show 2009

A veritable cornucopia of silliness and misinformation, "Jokes In Space" will give you the latest on abandoned warehouses, dead Tribbles, interstellar disasters, internet get-rich scams and tips to sell your planet in today's competitive marketplace. Jokes In Space was performed before a live audience and the listener is assured that no plots were used or harmed during the making of this production.

Bonus tracks include the hard-to-find "Last Shuttle" and the beguiling prose poem, "Under the Broken Tree Bridge."

Available at Blackstone Audio’s Downpour site, and in the Great Northern Audio Theatre Collection.
Jokes In Space


  • Windy Bowlsby
  • Michael Fischbein
  • Charlie Meitzner
  • Megan Petersen
  • Eleanor Price
  • Jeni Warwick
  • Tim Wick
  • Sound Effects by Brian Westley
  • Music by Eleanor Price
  • Recording by Fred Greenhalgh, Kris Markman & Jerry Stearns
  • Written by Jerry Stearns, Brian Price and Eleanor Price
  • Directed by Brian Price
  • Produced by Jerry Stearns