Cyber Bob and the Silicon Kid


Cyber Bob is the ultimate old-style computer pro. There isn't a system out there that he can't hack with just a couple of punch cards. So he's ideally suited to answer the question the Silicon Kid and Nadia, the most super of all super-models, want answered - is the Kid a boy or just another corporate android?

Featuring the voices of David Ossman, of the Firesign Theatre, and fantasy author Jane Yolen. Performed at Minicon 35, 2000.

Available at Blackstone Audio’s
Downpour site, and in the Great Northern Audio Theatre Collection.
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  • David Ossman - Cyber Bob
  • Orson Ossman - Silicon Kid
  • Irene Ruderman - Nadia
  • Richard Fish - proprietor of Babbage House
  • Jane Yolen - Sal
  • Brian Westley - Spider
  • Preston Ossman - The new generation

  • Sound effects by Brian Westley
  • Written by Brian Price and Jerry Stearns
  • Directed by Brian Price
  • Produced by Jerry Stearns

A Great Northern Audio Double Header

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