The Jewels of the 11th Generation

Treasure hunters board a 300-year-old generation starship - The Professor Irwin Corey - in search of legendary jewels. As usual, they find pirates, adventures, adorable children and plenty of squeaky toys.

Featuring David Ossman of the Firesign Theatre.

Recorded at the Mark Time Radio Show, at CONvergence 2006.

Available at
Blackstone Audio’s Downpour site, and in the Great Northern Audio Theatre Collection.

Podcast by
Moonlight Audio Theatre.

"This is also a lot of fun and well-written. Mix that with excellent acting, including the talents of David Ossman of Firesign Theatre, and you know exactly why I enjoyed it so much."
Dani Cutler,
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  • David Ossman - Pangborn
  • Charlie Meitzner - Larry
  • Tim Wick - Harrington
  • Windy Bowlsby - Pirate Queen
  • Preston Ossman - Harvey Pooter
  • Eleanor Price - Princess Loni Anderson

  • Written and produced by Jerry Stearns and Brian Price
  • Recorded by Kris Markman
  • Live sound effects by Brian Westley
  • Music performed by Eleanor Price
  • Performed at Convergence, July 7, 2006.
What I really enjoyed in the play, besides the quality of all the performances, is the gentle, nonstop humor, so well-honed, like in the Martian trombone play.
Marjorie Van Halteren

A Great Northern Audio Double Header

Also on the CD:
  • Super Pal: The Saving of the World (28:28)
  • Unrelated Cliffhanger Theater - where we leave in only the lines that mean suspense. (1:30)
  • Cart 437 - where the shopping cart tries to make a break for it. Performed by David Ossman. (7:26)