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  • June 1, 2014

    Tread Softly BIll Lizard
    Tread Softly Bill Lizard, Episodes 1 & 2
    Bill Lizard is a private eye, in Ireland. He has a phone that acts as a gateway between dimensions. This miraculous mobile phone is stolen from him on a train, and he must go looking for it. He enlists the help of a Pooka in the shape of a giant rabbit.

    Written and produced by Roger Gregg, the talent behind the Crazy Dog Audio Theatre, in Dublin, Ireland.
  • June 8, 2014

    Tread Softly Bill Lizard
    Tread Softly BIll Lizard, Episodes 3 & 4
    Bill and Cyril, the Pooka, are trying to track down the characters who stole his magical mobile phone, so they can get back to BIll's dimension where he thinks things will be normal, and Cyril can not have to be in the shape of a 6-foot rabbit.

    An odyssey through the Celtic imagination, from Crazy Dog Audio Theatre, and featuring some of the best voice actors in all of the Emerald Isle.
  • June 15, 2014

    Time Out For Bill Lizard
    Tread Softly BIll Lizard, Episode 5
    The conclusion of BIll's case with Cyril, from Crazy Dog Audio Theatre.

    Time Out For Bill Lizard
    A prequel, the story where Bill Lizard gets the high-tech mobile phone that is a gateway between dimensions, in the first place. Written and produced by Roger Gregg, and he does all the voices himself, too.
  • June 22, 2014

    Villains on Parade
    Villains on Parade and High Moon

    Villains on Parade features an Evil Sorceress, bumbling henchmen, the Annual Storming of the Castle, the Plunderers Day Parade, the Lost Orc Commentaries, and other extreme silliness. The Bad Guys have their say, the Pros take the stage and bring down the castle. Featuring Chuck McCann and Wally Wingert. It's all from the Mark Time Radio Show 2010 and the Great Northern Audio Theatre.

    High Moon has a young punk challenging the old timer to a duel - magic at 50 meters. It's not the first time he's seen this kind of ambitious spell-slinger, and he knows he has a destiny out on the top of that high hill. Another from the Great Northern Audio Theatre.
  • June 29, 2014

    The Post Void Radio Theater
    The Little City In Space #8

    The Post Void Radio Theater brings us another in their nationally syndicated series from high atop the gravity well. Featuring the usual features: the News From Nowhere, Job Lines, and the Paul Bunny Report. Also material from the late Paul Zaiser. The lasting imprint on LCS by the late Paul Zaiser includes announcing episode #8′s advertisement for Kittywampus, classic LCS commercials for Plate Tectonics and Martian Moon Maiden Voyages, featuring Paul as Major Mark Mullins (“You can call me Mel…”).

    More on the LCS at scorchedear.com, and more episodes at archive.org.

    Many thanks to Libby Donohue for sitting in while Jerry's away this week.
  • July 6, 2014

    Running to Detroit
    Running to Detroit

    Voices in the Wind sends us this delightful ditty from Canada. Meg and her mom head to Detroit for some cross-border shopping and a Tigers game. An odd encounter on the Windsor waterfront leads them into a wild night of time-travel, rum-smuggling, a near drowning, and customs officials hungry for bribes. Written by Dave Carley, one of Canada's leading Playwrights and Radio Dramatists.

    Plus short subjects.

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Little City in Space

The Little City In Space

This show was a mainstay on KFAI from very early in its existence in 1978. Highly inventive and well-produced, it lasted many years. In 1999 Stu Mathews, Peter Stenshoel and Jerry Modjeski used a grant to produce a 13-week syndicated series for public radio. Sound Affects is proud to bring you that entire series over the next year. On the Last Sunday of each month we'll bring you one of those marvelous Little City In Space shows, starting in November 2013.

Thanks to Peter Stenshoel for the shows, and to Jerry Modjeski for helping to engineer the opportunity. See more about Jerry Modjeski's several shows on KFAI at his website, ScorchedEar.com. Lots of Little City in Space material is available at Archive.org.