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  • May 5, 2019

    Black Star Chronicles
    Black Star Chronicles, Part 1
    Deep in the mega-structure, Dyson, outlaw Juno Swift desperately seeks to repair her brother's stolen personality. She must turn to an ex-employee of Horizon - the company responsible for her grief. Aware of Juno's efforts, Horizon hires a fierce bounty hunter to stop interference. Local detectives close in on the string of related crimes but will they act in time to prevent more damage?

    Black Star Chronicles is a collaboration between Randy Greer and Analisa Figueroa and is set in the same universe as Black Star Book 1. The audio drama is richly sound designed, with an original musical score. Headphones are recommended for the full immersion experience.
  • May 12, 2019

    Black Star Chronicles
    Black Star Chronicles, Part 2
    Black Star Chronicles follows Nayva Deemus and Juno Swift in their efforts to save Juno’s Brother Naheem from peril. They are opposed by a powerful company who benefits from conducting research on Naheem against his consent. Our characters collide inside of Dyson, a future city mega structure. Citizens, bounty hunters and detectives all navigate the neon cityscape in this brooding adventure.

    This program and the musical background are by Randy Greer and can be found on his website, along with full credits for the audio drama -
  • May 19, 2019

    Willamette Radio Workshop
    HURF, the Extra Dimensional Assassin
    Hurf is the tale of 2 slackers who accidentally summon a death dealing demon from another dimension while playing a game of Scrabble.

    Winner of the Silver Ogle Award 2007. Written by Craig Kenworthy. Produced by the Willamette Radio Workshop as part of the Writer’s On The Air Workshop. Cynthia McGean, Director.

    The Big Checkmate
    From Program Already In Progress, at WMPG, Portland Maine, comes Roscoe North, Psychic Detective. Written and directed by Dan Bernard, and featuring Instant Comedy.
  • May 26, 2019

    The Corner Bar on Alpha Prime
    The Corner Bar on Alpha Prime

    Episode 1 - The New Bartender
    On the far-off world of Alpha Prime, Earthman Kent Stone brings a new bartender to his watering hole, an android known as SAL, who supposedly has 1,001 uses.

    Episode 2 - Zooster Sent Me
    On the far-off world of Alpha Prime, Kent and SAL meet Treena, a young woman who believes that her god has sent her to The Corner Bar to learn something profound..

    Episode 3 - The Spirit Among Spirits
    Business plummets when a ghost starts haunting the bar.

    Written and Produced by Mike Murphy for
    Misfits Audio. Executive Producer Capt. John Tadrzak.
  • June 2, 2019

    Time Distortion Day Trip
    Time Distortion Day Trip
    Professor Blain Alexander has stumbled onto one of the most important discoveries of his lifetime, but he was the first to make the discovery. He entrusts the secret to his student John who followed him on the adventure of a lifetime with some unlikely guests.

    Written by Glenn A. Hascall. Produced by April Sadowski for
    Nother Audio.

    Tell Them NAPA Sent You
    A little tale of dwarfs, wizards and auto parts. Performed live at the
    Hook & Ladder Theater as part of benefit show for KFAI Radio, May 19, 2019. Written by Brian Price and Jerry Stearns for Great Northern Audio Theater.
  • June 9, 2019

    The Adventures of Harry Nile
    Harry Nile - Unhappy Birthday
    A lost episode of Jim French’s detective series. The master tape was corrupted, so this episode was never aired nationally after its first local broadcast in 1993. Now a new master has been found, so here it is. The Chicago-cop-turned-hard-luck detective was a popular staple from
    Imagination Theater, whose website has now disappeared since the death of Jim French.

    Harry is definitely not a hard-boiled P.I. But he can be tough when he has to be. He'll never be rich or have a fancy office; he often is just a step ahead of the bill collectors. If you get in a tight spot, you want a guy like Harry in your corner.
  • June 16, 2019

    Not From Space
    Not From Space, Part 1

    A strange computer device has been found under the ice at the South Pole, holding the key to conquering the human race. Computer software billionaire BillGates can’t resist getting involved. Follow a team of news reporters on a realistic adventure through an alien conspiracy. People get fired, shot, attacked, and everything seems to go wrong.

    Written and directed by
    Jeffrey Bays. This show won a Silver Mark Time Award for Science Ficttion Audio in 2002. In many ways it sounds believable, but please remember it’s only a play.
  • June 23, 2019

    Not From Space, The Movie
    Not From Space, Part 2

    Borgus Productions presents laughs and suspense in a new style of audio theater. It’s a highly detailed sendup of commercial talk radio, featuring real radio personalities from around the world.

    And now they are starting work on a film version of this story. Take a look at
    Not From Space, The Movie. You might be able to help.
  • June 30, 2019

    The Residenet Member by Paul Marlowe
    The Resident Member

    On any given day, the intrepid members of the Etheric Explorers Club can be found frustrating prophesies, wrestling with ancient evils, and generally striding boldly down the dark alleys of life, in order to fill in those portions of man’s map of reality that are, perhaps, better left blank. As with any club, though, there are always members who stay behind so as not to miss a second helping of pudding. On this day poltergeists, death, and romance interrupt a quiet dinner.

    Written by Paul Marlowe, adapted for radio by Digby Young. Starring Gideon Emery, Damon Berry, Christa Schamberger-Young, Joe Vaz, and Digby Young.
    Produced in South Africa by
    Something Wicked magazine.

    Mallets Aforethought
    Two aging croquet champions finally meet their match at a high-stakes tournament on the Maine coast.

    Written by Doug Bost. Production: Union Signal.
    Cast: James S. Bost, Madge Bost, Doug Bost.

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