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  • May 7, 2017

    War Day
    War Day
    The novel, by Whitley Stieber and James Kunetka, is a first person account of the authors travels across America five years after a limited nuclear war between the USA and USSR. The book was released in 1984, before the end of the Cold War.

    This is an audio dramatization by Margo Adler and Charles Potter, and produced by Radio Arts Productions of New York.

    There are interesting things to listen for, such as the results of the EMP, Electromagnetic Pulse, which destroys all electronics, rendering useless all computers, phones, automobiles, and radio and TV.
  • May 14, 2017

    Phantoms of Fate
    A science fiction play by Anthony Birch. The year is 2055 and most of what you see on the street are Holobots, marketing holographic projections. Freddie C is the programmer responsible for the realism of the Holobots, but now he’s on the run, and trying to find Lucinda, his true love. From

    Phantoms of Fate
    A hot rod tale from the pages of Johnny Kidd Road Adventures Series from Hawaii. Johnny gets involved with a stranger in a blacked-out custom Merc.

    This is the pilot of a series written by Danny Sachs. An animated version is in the works.
    Two Bit Tales, on YouTube.
  • May 21, 2017

    The Cabaña Club Mystery
    Mysterious goings on at the Cabana Club, including good Cuban music. Written by Brenda Stevens, and directed by Bill Raymond, and performed at the Midwest Radio Theater Workshop in 1998.

    A Camping Trip With Joe
    Another from the 1998 MRTW. It’s pretty much what the title says it is, with twists, as Joe searches for answers to the BIG questions of life.
  • May 28, 2017

    Firewatch, by Connie Willis
    Fire Watch, Part 1
    Connie Willis’ short story of time travelers studying the Firewatch Brigade who helped save London during the Blitz of 1940. It comes to us from Seeing Ear Theater. Written by Tony Daniel. Directed by George Zarr. (Part 2 next week.) Available at

    Breakfast with Robin
    Robin of Loxley awakes in a strange place, and is offered a breakfast the likes of which he has never tasted, and isn’t likely to again for centuries. Winner of the 2016
    Midnight Audio Theatre scriptwriting competition, at WBCE radio in Columbus, Ohio. Written by Glenn Hascall. Produced by Catherine Rinella.
  • June 4, 2017

    Midnight Audio Theatre
    Fire Watch, Part 2
    The conclusion of the story by Connie Willis. She later went back to this theme of time travel to 1940s London in a novel in two volumes,
    Blackout and All Clear, which won a Nebula Award and a Hugo Award.

    The Fairy Wood
    The other 2016 winner in the
    MAT Scriptwriting contest from WBCE in Columbus, OH. An arrogant landowner goes hunting in the woods, but pays no heed to the warnings of his game keeper, or the fairies he meets there. And there are consequences to such treatment. Written by Jim McDoniel. Produced by Catherine Rinella.
  • June 11, 2017

    Jack Webb
    Jack Webb
    Mike Stapp will be sitting in with some OTR from the legendary Jack Webb, including, but not limited to, episodes of
    Dragnet and Pat Novak For Hire. I am especially fond of Pat Novak scripts for their wildly inventive use of metaphors in pursuit of noir detectives patter.
  • June 18, 2017

    A Thing For Machines
    A Thing For Machines

    Sally’s “helper robots” practically run the small town of Junction Falls, but much to the consternation of her longtime boyfriend, Hal, they also take up a lot of her time and attention. Feeling increasingly neglected, he confronts Sally — and makes a shocking discovery.

    Another unexpected tale from
    Uncanny County. Written by Todd Faulkner, produced by AJ Cermak & Todd Faulkner.

    Short Subjects - Ducks Breath Mystery Theater, and a room full of bowls.
  • June 25, 2017

    The Boy Who Cried Martian
    The Boy Who Cried Martian

    Another from
    Uncanny County. In 1938, Orson Welles terrified the nation with a false tale of a Martian invasion. One year later, after being all but driven from the industry, Orson is back on the air and about to face the most challenging broadcast OF HIS LIFE!

    Written by Todd Faulkner, produced by AJ Cermak & Todd Faulkner. Featuring Andrew Kaempfer as Orson Welles.

    Short Subjects:
  • July 2, 2017

    We Hodl These Truths
    The Odyssey of Runyon Jones

    A story by Norman Corwin about a boy who goes to heaven looking for his dog that was hit by a car. Directed by David Ossman at the 1989 Midwest Radio Theater Workshop.

    We Hold These Truths, Part 1

    Originally written for radio in 1941, and broadcast just days after Pearl Harbor. Now, when we need a reminder we bring you Otherworld Media’s production of Corwin’s history-making 1941 broadcast honoring the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Bill of Rights. Forty celebrated performers include James Earl Jones, Richard Dysart, Esther Rolle, Lloyd Bridges, Tom Bosley, John Ireland, Fess Parker, Jesse White, Studs Turkel. Score by Minnesota composer Libby Larsen. Winner of the A.B.A.’s Silver Gavel, three Gold Medals at the N. Y. International Radio Festival and the CPB Silver Medal. Conclusion next week.

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