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  • July 19, 2020

    Big Fun Radio Funtime, from Fearless Comedy.
    Big Fun Radio Funtime!

    Radio comedy from the Twin Cities’ own
    Fearless Comedy.

    • The Sword in the Couch
    • The Kobiashi Maru Scenario
    • Lost

    And it’s a
    Membership Drive show. That means I ask that you support this radio station, so it can keep doing this most important work, for communities that include YOU! You can do that right here. Please do it now.
  • July 26, 2020

    Solid State University
    October Surprise and Dorcus

    Union Signal sends us these Public Radio-like feature stories of a very unusual nature. It’s the style of public radio, but not topics that you’d expect them to cover.

    Solid State University

    A mockumentary on the current state of state education. Taking online schooling just a bit farther than we thought. Featuring Dave Moore, Dan Coffey and Mark Wheat - all voices heard on local radio and TV over the years. From the
    Great Northern Audio Theatre.
  • August 2, 2020

    Repeat of show from July 19, 2020. It was an accident.
  • August 9, 2020

    Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater
    The Cobra in the Kindergarten
    A Captain Underhill and Dr. Scofield mystery from the
    Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater.
    The detective and his sidekick think there is a live cobra loose in a school, so the Captain takes charge.

    Faux Advertising from Big Fun Radio Funtime!
    A regular part of any Big Fun show is the radio commercials. These are products that we sometimes wish we could get, too. A project of
    Fearless Comedy Productions.
  • August 16, 2020

    How Time Flys
    How Time Flys
    David Ossman’s Hi-Fi- Sci-Fi Comedy. Astronaut Commander Mark Time has been gone a long time, exploring Planet X. Now he’s coming back to an Earth he doesn’t recognize. It’s changed a lot while he was away, and he has to work to keep the memory loop records of his mission safe.

    Starring David Ossman, with members of the Firesign Theatre, and Harry Shearer and Wolfman Jack. From

    U.S. Mean Time
    The first chapter of the sequel to
    How Time Flys. It was recorded before a live audience here in the Twin Cities, and it’s not available anywhere else. With voices familiar to long-time KFAI listeners – Dave Romm, Brian Westley, and Barb Economon.
  • August 23, 2020

    Stars and Stuff, from ZBS
    Granny Gumshoe Goes to the Circus
    The Old Girl has two things going for her as a detective: experience and intuition. Now she’s hired to find a granddaughter. From the
    Midnight Audio Theater’s Features, productions of the winners of their annual script contest. MAT is based at WCBE public radio in Columbus, Ohio.

    Tomorrow There Will Be Apricots
    A Mojo Sam mystery from the
    Stars and Stuff series at ZBS.
  • August 30, 2020

    Spaxter, by Jeff Green

    A tongue-in-cheek futuristic thriller featuring a mind-reading gumshoe named Sam Spaxter who uncovers a bizarre plot by a self-styled Egyptian god to steal the creative essence from all the great minds in the world using a device which he has constructed at the heart of the Great Pyramid. Spaxter is a cyberpunk Shadow in a fast and foolish future, complete with an orbiting space weapons platform-turned-nightclub called The Raygun Club, all leading to an epic energy beam battle that changes the future of humanity forever (what else?). Plenty of wacky characters, sensual special effects, and great electronic music.

    One from the
    Soundings series by Jeff Green. Entered into the Mark Time Science Fiction Audio Hall of Fame.
  • September 6, 2020


    That's right, Spaxter's back! Or is he? You see, there is this super-smart military computer that needs to find out something about what it believes is an alien invasion of Earth, so it synthesizes Spaxter from information in an obscure 20th Century radio drama and recreates him as a living being.

    Featuring "Weirdstock", the greatest rock concert that never happened, and final irrefutable proof of... everything! Artificial intelligence, close encounters, cult rituals... and Spaxter sings! What more could you possibly ask for? A boarding pass?

    One from the
    Soundings Series by Jeff Green.
  • September 13, 2020

    The Radio Arcade
    The Radio Arcade, Ep. 1 & 2

    A 4-part series from
    E Radio Theater, written by Tucker Parsons and Gregory Miller, about a video arcade with some spectacular video games to play, including:

    The Situation Room
    You are the President and you have to deal with all the kinds of things that a head of state would, such as foreign affairs, domestic crises, and even your family being threatened. It’s a tough game.

    The Campaign Game
    You are running for high office, and your opponent is throwing all the dirty tricks at you to win. You have to decide whether to take the high road, the low road, or drive a tank through them both. Featuring
    Eli Wallach as your father, and campaign manager.

    Episodes 3 & 4 next week.

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