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  • July 13, 2014

    Cyber Bob and the Digital Nymph

    Recorded live over the July 4th weekend. Cyber Bob is the consummate hacker. Part of his credo is "Never use two punch cards when one will do." Bob is hired to find the Digital Nymph, the Goddess of Cyberspace, by a rich and successful Dot Com honcho who secretly wants to own her. Bob gathers his quest team to play computer games all across the digital landscape, and of course, saves the goddess and the day.

    It's the 17th Mark Time Radio Show, written by Brian Price and Jerry Stearns, and featuring David Ossman of the Firesign Theatre, and a host of wonderful local voice actors.

    Plus the matinee short subject, A Day at the Library.
  • July 20, 2014

    Adventures in Sound and Space

    Col. Frank Erhardt and the cast. This was the pilot for a 1958 radio series proposed for NBC radio. It was aimed not just at kids, but at the whole family, so there's something for adults, too.

    It's a celebration of the Year of Our Moonlanding 45, and includes more about movies about outer space, in an interview with George Tirebiter, who produced plenty of bad old sci-fi movies back in the 50s at Paranoid Pictures. Forgettable films like Nomads from Neptune. This is George talking about them as part of Neptune All Night, with
  • July 27, 2014

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    Little City in Space, Episode 9

    More arch-silliness from the Post Void Radio Theater's syndicated series.

    High atop the Arthur Bagg building in Communications Central, hosts Stu, Pete and Jerry bring you news and entertainment from satellite LCS-1, featuring The Paul Bunny Report; paranormal investigator Alabama Neptune; public service announcements; commercials for Old Dotage Fig Paste, Mama Steve's Rumba Toast, and Purago Paper Towels.

    Thanks to David O'Sullivan, of KFAI's Malarkey - Radio with an Irish Accent (Monday's at 7:30 PM), for sitting in while Jerry takes a little time off.
  • August 3, 2014

    Peter Galaxy, Interstellar Envoy

    First in a the Summer Showcase series from Decoder Ring Theatre, it's Mark Time Show Time, where they redo scripts from the Mark Time Radio Shows of the past decade.

    And short subjects chosen by Guest Host, David O'Sullivan.
  • August 10, 2014

    The Velveteen Submission or
    The Lighthouse At the End of the Tunnel

    Another Mark Time Show Time episode from Decoder Ring Theatre's Summer Showcase series.

    Plus shorts with Guest Host David O'Sullivan.
  • August 17, 2014

    Dialogue wth Martian Trombone

    It was supposed to be the band's big break, being on Orson Welles' Mercury Theater show, but he didn't tell them they'd never get to finish anything they started, and none of them knew it would get to be the most famous radio broadcast of all time. Now the band is having a reunion, and there are new stirrings of Martians in the wind
    A Mark Time Show Time story from the Great Northern Audio's Mark Time Radio Show scripts redone by the equally great Decoder Ring Theatre, of Canada.

    And the conclusion of Titanic: 100 Years On, a docudrama from ObeEyed Hog Productions.
    Thanks to David O'Sullivan for sitting in for Jerry Stearns again. Tune in to his Malarkey, Radio with an Irish Accent, Mondays at 7:30 PM on this same station.
  • August 24, 2014

    The Jewels of the 11th Generation

    Two future con-men intercept a generation starship, in search of the rumored fortune in jewels aboard. They don'f find what they expected, but they do find adorable children, pirates, and plenty of squeaky toys. Part of Decoder Ring Theatre's Mark Time Show Time summer showcase series.

    The Learning Curve, or The Rise of Francis

    In order to boost the economy the government declares all monsters and other creatures, real or imagined, to be economic citizens. Is the public ready for creatures in the shopping malls? Well, it's clear that the politicians don't care. Another of the Mark Time Show Time series from Decoder Ring Theatre in Canada.

    Thanks to David O'Sullivan for sitting in for Jerry Stearns.
  • August 31, 2014

    Little City in Space, Episode 10

    The 10th episode of LCS featuring an unexpected visit from Elvin the Purelander, music by Boiled in Lead, commercials for Smitherweenies and Swekkmakk’s Sandwiches.

    Produced and performed by the Post Void Radio Theater, featuring Jerry Modjeski, Peter Stenshoel and Stu Mathews.

    And thank you again to David O'Sullivan for sitting in for Jerry Stearns. Tune in to Malarkey, Radio with An Irish Accent, Mondays at 7:30 right here on KFAI.
  • September 7, 2014

    Super Pal: The Saving of the World

    The final production in the Decoder Ring Theatre's Summer Showcase series, Mark Time Show Time. Recreations of the Mark Time Radio Show scripts from Great Northern Audio.

    This time, it's a superhero shenanigan, NPR style, with interviews and news actualities telling the story of Comet Skippy as it careens toward Big City. Who will save them? Some superheroes are on vacation, one is pregnant, and another isn't properly insured. What about SuperPal? Well, maybe.

    Many thanks to Gregg Taylor and the gang at Decoder Ring Theatre in Canada, for their terrific recreations of the Mark TIme Radio Show scripts. They have been really fun.

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Little City in Space

The Little City In Space

This show was a mainstay on KFAI from very early in its existence in 1978. Highly inventive and well-produced, it lasted many years. In 1999 Stu Mathews, Peter Stenshoel and Jerry Modjeski used a grant to produce a 13-week syndicated series for public radio. Sound Affects is proud to bring you that entire series over the next year. On the Last Sunday of each month we'll bring you one of those marvelous Little City In Space shows, starting in November 2013.

Thanks to Peter Stenshoel for the shows, and to Jerry Modjeski for helping to engineer the opportunity. See more about Jerry Modjeski's several shows on KFAI at his website, ScorchedEar.com. Lots of Little City in Space material is available at Archive.org.
Ruby Refreshed

Ruby Refreshed

Coming in November we are pleased to take you all back to the original Ruby, The Adventures of a Galactic Gumshoe, from ZBS. It's groundbreaking audio theater from 1980, but this version has been updated with additional music and effects that weren't possible when it was made. This is one of those series to which all later shows are compared. It's that good. Updated by Tim Clark.