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  • March 24, 2018

    KFAI Pledge Drive Show
    If you think this show is worth listening to, consider
    making a contribution to the station to keep it going. We’re all volunteers here, but we need your help, too. Thank you. Mike Stapp sits in with Jerry to carry the message.

    This Gun That I Have In My Right Hand Is Loaded
    The story is that this piece was made by the BBC to demonstrate all the things one should NOT do in making audio drama. Listen to the narrative dialogue, bad accents, obviously awkward scene transitions, silly sound effects, and more.

    Pete Moss, Space Detective
    A live performance by the old
    Shockwave crew. The detective takes the Noir PI language even further into surrealism than usual. Written by and starring Brian Westley.

    The Stakeout, by 60 Second Radio Theater.
    Airline Safety, by Dan Epstein.
    Left & Right - The Breach Brothers, from The Cabinet of Dr. Marconi.
  • March 31, 2018

    Alba Salix, Royal Physician
    Alba Salix, Royal Physician, Season 2
    Episode 6 - Signed, Sealed, Delivered
    The royal baby arrives well ahead of schedule — and so does an unwelcome guest.

    Brass, Season 1
    Episode 6 - Behind the Curtain
    Cyril is taken to the world of the theatre and meets Oscar Wilde, while a conversation takes place in a pitch-dark room.
  • April 7, 2018

    Brass, Season 1
    Brass, Season 1
    Episode 7 - Green Tables and Greasepaint
    Gwendolyn visits London’s most exclusive gambling club while Cyril makes a midnight visit to a theatre.

    Episode 8 - Untimely Discoveries
    Cyril witnesses an unusual audition and Gwendolyn gets a tour of the back rooms of the Blackfire Club.

    Episode 9 - Trapdoors and Backdrops
    Cyril meets a theater phantom while his parents pay a trip to the morgue.

    For more from
    Battleground Productions, including the end of this season of Brass, and Season 2, visit their website.
  • April 14, 2019

    The Technicolor Time Machine, by Harry Harrison
    The Technicolor Time Machine, Part 1

    Barney Hendrickson is a mediocre movie producer in Hollywood, California. His employer, Climactic Studios, is in financial trouble, mostly due to some unforeseeable circumstances. The only possible thing that can save the studio, and Barney’s job, would be to have a guaranteed box office sensation in the can before Monday. Unfortunately, there isn’t nearly enough time or money to write the script, build the sets or even film the movie. Except, Barney has a cunning plan. He’ll take advantage of recently invented time machine that he happens to know about.

    Adapted from the novel by Harry Harrison by Chris Boucher. From the BBC Saturday Night Theater, 1981. This production also available on YouTube.
  • April 21, 2019

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    The Technicolor Time Machine, Part 2

    Narrated by Barney, The Technicolour Time Machine tells the tale of the filming of Viking Columbus a giant rollercoaster of a movie – a saga of high adventure shot on location in the tenth century, with some hot shield maidens and angry skraelings thrown in. The story plays it all with a smirk and is fun stuff!

    I found this link on
    Reddit to 162 BBC radio dramas made publicly available in 2018. It includes this production and MANY others of interest.
  • April 28, 2019

    The Lost Elevator
    The Lost Elevator

    Set in 1930′s New York, an express elevator suddenly becomes inexplicably stuck between floors in the high rise Robinson Building. Inside the car, an assortment of people are left stranded and each reacts to the situation differently.

    Written by Percival Wilde.
    From Northern Lights Media, here in Minneapolis.
    Also Available on


    As any parent knows, balancing work and family can be difficult to say the least. For Gern and Betty Steadfast the two are about to slam together with a great... big... CLANG!

    Earbud Theater. Written by Casey Wolfe, and featuring the acting talents of Stephen Tobolowsky, Meeghan Holoway, Sean Keller, Alex Wagner and Lindsay Zana.
    Also available through
    Apple Podcasts.

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