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  • September 8, 2019

    Shockwave Radio Theater
    It was 40 years ago this month that I first came into KFAI radio studios and joined the crew on the old SHOCKWAVE show. I have been a volunteer ever since then. To commemorate this anniversary I am digging through the archives and presenting a few of the Shockwave broadcasts and live performances that we did so long ago.
    — Jerry S.

    Shockwave, June 19, 1986.
    Events at the
    St. Paul Spaceport Lunatennial Celebration. Includes the Milk Carton Satellite Race, the Skyway Marathon, Hands Across Anoka, and more. An air check of the broadcast, featuring Jerry Stearns, Dave Romm, Brian Westley, David Cummer, and Kara Dalkey.

    Cable Video in the Spaceport
    Brian Westley, Dave Romm and Jerry Stearns talk about some of the Cable TV programming available in the St. Paul Spaceport. The date is somewhat obscure, but sometime in the mid 80s.
  • September 15, 2019

    Shockwve Radio
    The Fall of the House of Usherette

    A comic mystery story in four acts, interspersed with a
    Dudley DoRight cartoon and an adaptation of #6 of the Cerebus the Aardvark comics by Dave Simm.

    These live SHOCKWAVE performances were usually the opening ceremonies of the Minicon science fiction convention, but this year (Minicon 19, 1983) the convention theme was “Backward into the Future”, so, though this was the first event it was also known as Closing Ceremonies.
  • September 22, 2019

    Shockwave Radio
    Colorized Radio

    Live from
    Minicon 23, 1988, we have representatives of the local cable companies trying to sell service to the audience. (This was before the Internet, so bare with us. And remember it’s aimed at hardcore Science Fiction Fans, so the content should not be surprising.) Includes the award-winning Vince Washburn, New Age Detective, and Star Trek: The Baby Boom Generation.
  • September 29, 2019

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    Generic Movies

    Shockwave Show from Minicon 21, in 1986. Employees from the movie company chase after the stolen generic prop, while the genre of the movie around them changes. Written by Jerry Stearns, Brian Westley and Mark Rotzien.

    Shockwave Shorts:
    Pete Moss, Space Detective, by Brian Westley
    His Master’s Voice, by Will Shetterly and Emma Bull
    PBS Liavek excerpt, by Jerry Stearns, Dave Romm and Kara Dalkey
    The Landing At Davis Corners, Iowa, by Kate Worley and Jerry Stearns
  • October 6, 2019

    Star of Vengeance
    Star of Vengeance, Ep. 1-5

    George and Suey take off on a quest to find.. they’re not sure what. It’ll take them to exotic places - like Canada - and they’ll encounter the unexpected. But they expected that.
    1. Wisdom of the Omnitron
    2. Wings of Peril
    3. Obstinacy
    4. Thought Police
    5. The Grim Navigator

    Shockwave Production. Written by Andre Guirard.
  • October 13, 2019

    Star of Vengeance
    Star of Vengeance, Ep. 6-10

    Just the kind of thing that Shockwave was known for. Science fictional silliness of a high order.
    6. The More Grizzled the Better
    7. The Spacer’s Tale
    8. Duck Soup
    9. Guardians of the Jewel
    10. Un Mallard Imaginaire

    Music by David Zimmerman and Leo Lenander.
  • October 20, 2019

    KFAI Community Radio
    KFAI’s Fall Pledge Drive

    If you like what you hear on this show - and if you are coming to this web page to find out what’s on, you are listening at some time - then please consider making a contribution to the station. It’s now necessary more than ever to keep Community Radio strong. It REALLY IS!
  • October 27, 2019

    Riddle of the Bones
    Riddle of the Bones, Act 1

    The newest Captain Underhill mystery ––following a 14 year hiatus–– features the famous detective and his equally-famous partner, Dr. Scofield, participating in an official inquest to solve a case that should be unsolvable: a murder which took place around the time of the sinking of the pirate ship, Whydah, in the year 1717. It features Captain Underhill at the top of his game!

    Written and directed by Steven Oney, at the
    Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater.
  • November 3, 2019

    Missing files of Captain Underhill
    Riddle of the Bones, Act 2

    The Missing File of Captain Underhill. An inquest into the death of person unknown - in 1717. A riveting mystery with Captain Underhill and his sidekick, Dr. Scofield.

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