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  • April 14, 2024

    KFAI Community Radio
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    The Last Coyote
    Brian Price’s poetic take on the consequences to local fauna of climate change.
    He’s been working with producer Marjorie Van Halteren, and doing pieces for the
    Electroacoustical Poetical Society.

    Heroes, Don’t Ya Know
    It’s admittedly a strange kind of super power, and what kind of a costume would you make for it, anyway?
    A delightful piece from the Icebox Radio Theater, in International Falls, MN. And perfectly contrast to…

    The Evil Genius At Home
    Yeah, we always see that side of super villains. A short work from the
    Chatterbox Theater in Memphis, TN.

    Captain Audio and the Space Cassettes
    From the old
    Shockwave show here on KFAI. The Shockwave Riders take on the Not So Nice in a silly space adventure from their Spindizzy album.

    Hobson’s Choice
    Twin Cities author Roy Close wrote this for the
    Twin Cities Radio Theater Workshop in 1997. It was broadcast live on both KFAI and U of MN radio KUOM, and used all local writers, actors and musicians.

    A Day At the Library
    Everybody stands in line to use the new 3D Printer at the neighborhood library, even if they don’t know how to use it, or even what it’s for.
    Performed live at the
    Radio Playground show, a KFAI Benefit performance at the Hook and Ladder stage in Minneapolis, in May of 2019.

    It is the KFAI Spring Membership event, so we want you to become more than just a listener part of the community radio community, and be a contributing member. It’s so much more satisfying, you know.
  • April 21, 2024

    Ru Runner Sue from Icebox Radio
    All Hail the Bad Guys and Hoodlums

    Home Is Where the Song Bird Sings
    A new
    Rum Runner Sue mystery from the Icebox Radio Theater. It’s a dangerous time under the Volstead Act in the country in 1927. Sue has tried to keep her friends Up North away from her past, but they insist on helping her.

    Killing Mother
    It seems that he never really liked his mother ruining his life, so he had plans for her. But she had plans, too.
    Recorded in live performance at the
    Twin Cities Radio Theater Workshop, and featuring KFAI volunteer John Black.

    Putting the suspects in a Line Up is part of finding the perpetrator. But there’s really more to it than just identity.

    From the
    DeadLine series by Jack J. Ward at Electric Vicuna Productions in Nova Scotia.

    Dead Air
    2 Minute Film Noir tale from ZBS, regarding that worst thing that can happen on radio – when there’s nothing to hear.
  • April 28, 2024

    Through no fault of ur own…
    Repeat of April 21 program - through no fault of our own… See above.
  • May 5, 2024

    A Steampunk State of Mind
    Lady Windermere’s Brass Fantabulous,

    Part 1 -
    A Steampunk State of Mind

    Lady Windermere is a spy. Professor Farking Foots-Foots is “setting the record straight” for the historian, Carking Cowputter. By playing back the recordings Lady Windermere captured with her Brass Fantabulous – a recording device mounted in the bass cage of the Lady’s bustle – Foots-Foots has documented the events that led up to what is known as, “The-Not-So-Great-War.”

    This Steampunk story is a satire commenting on how governments manipulate the minds of the own public with misinformation.

    Another fabulous audio series written by Meatball Fulton for
  • May 12, 2024

    You Can
    Lady Windermere’s Brass Fantabulous

    Part 2 -
    You Can’t Outrun the Flying Dead

    We complete Part One of the series, A Steampunk State of Mind, and begin Part Two.

    This is the world of Lady Windermere and the Pinkerton Pranksters, masters of misinformation. As the Not-So-Great-War continues, the Krauts have been using zeppelins to drop canisters of synthetic Zombie gas on various villages in hopes of creating a ravenous fighting force.

    Archibald Butterfield-Smith flies over a village in his biplane and the peasants pelt him with tomatoes and cauliflower. Solders see this plane covered in goo and think it is blood and brains, and that the English have created a Flying Zombie Corps.

    ZBS audio satire on government misinformation used to justify their nefarious commercial interests.
  • May 19, 2024

    You Can
    Lady Windermere’s Brass Fantabulous

    Part 3 - Conclusion: One of Those Awful Penny Dreadfuls

    Meanwhile, the wicked Sultan who attempted to add Lady W. to his harem, happens to be visiting Venice. The good Lady is out to even the score.

    ZBS.org for more excellent audio theater. Written by Meatball Fulton, produced by Tom Lopez, with music by Tim Clark.
  • May 26, 2024

    The Only Bird In Her Name, by Terry Dowling
    The Only Bird In Her Name
    A hunting expedition raises a lot of emotions and questions as they are going after what might be the very last member of the species – The Forgetti. It’s a future Australia in the story by Terry Dowling, an Australian writer and journalist. Adapted and produced by Yuri Rasovsky for the
    2000X series on NPR. The story is reprinted in Dowling’s Rynosseros collection.

    Ruby 12 Sample
    The new chapter in the Adventures of Ruby, a Galactic Gumshoe. It’s about a city in the desert of Summa Nulla. The story is
    “Can We Ever Turn Into Light?”
    ZBS wants me to wait to broadcast this chapter until the next chapter is finished, as they all are part of a continuing story. So, darn it, we’ll wait. But I can give you a teaser.

    Uncle John’s Troubles
    Uncle John is old but he can accurately predict the future. Which means they will treat him as seers have been treated through history – they’ll put him away.
    One from the
    Act One Audio Sci-Fi collection by Jim French Productions in Bellevue, WA.
  • June 2, 2024

    Time and Time Again, by H. Beam Piper
    A Matched Pair of Science Fiction

    Time and Time Again
    A man wakes up in the body of himself at age 13, but remembers everything that happened to him in his life.

    The original story by H. Beam Piper appeared in
    Astounding Science Fiction in 1947. This is the Ernest Kinoy adaptation for X Minus One from 1956.

    ‘a father meets a man who he realizes is his own son much later in his life. And he’s there to bring a message of the future.

    A story similar in theme to the previous story. Written by Patrick Bradley, directed by Marjorie van Halteren, and performed at the
    National Audio Theatre Festivals (NATF) workshop in West Plains, MO in 2005.
  • June 9, 2024

    The Tunnel Under the World
    A Brace of Tunnels

    The Tunnel Under the World
    Original story by Frederik Pohl, published by
    Galaxy magazine in 1955. A man and his wife both wake up to find they had the same dream. And the next day he finds he is reliving the previous day again – but it’s not the same previous day.

    The script is from an
    X Minus One episode, and the performance was live online by Project Audion as a Zoom program, which you can watch at their website, or on YouTube. The cast is from all across the country, and it’s really fun to watch the sound effects being made in real time.

    Netherdrome – The Tunnel
    100 years in the future, people live in underground caverns because the surface is poisonous. While digging a new tunnel, there is a cave-in. The investigation turns up much more than they expected.

    Netherdrome was a 13-episode series from Nebraska Public Radio back in 1989. Created and written by Barry Anderson.
  • June 16, 2024

    Project Audion
    Mystery of the Frozen South – Roscoe North, Psychic Detective

    Roscoe North is a psychic detective, so watch what you think. It’s the usual radio detective case – a beautiful woman, a boat trip to the Frozen South, and all in the name of fashion. Wait – what?

    Produced for
    Program Already In Progress, from the Portland (OR) Radio Theater.

    Bad Day At Black Rock - Part 1

    John Macreedy arrives at the California desert town of Black Rock, and is puzzled by the suspicious reception of the townsfolk. But he came for a reason, and he intends to carry it to the end, despite the opposition.

    A radio adaptation of the 1955 hit movie starring Spencer Tracy. In the U.S. Lux Radio Theater might have done this production. But it was off the air by then, so this script was written in 1959 for the Australian equivalent program, the
    Caltex Theater.

    This production was done live as a Zoom program by
    Project Audion. You can watch the production on YouTube.It has an international cast, and live sound effects.
  • June 23, 2024

    by Project Audion
    Bad Day At Black Rock – Part 2

    The conclusion of the Australian radio adaptation of this hit film. The script is from 1959. It was produced for
    Project Audion in 2022 by Larry Groebe, and directed by Pete Lutz.


    Fears for Ears is a horror fiction anthology produced by Aida Memisovic. This is a story of Quintin Miller, who is a farmer living what he considers a simple life, until one day the first “fear” appears.

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