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  • December 12, 2021

    The Miwest Radio Theatre Workshop
    MRTW 1985

    The Midwest Radio Theater Workshop was a week-long training camp for people who wanted to learn how to make audio drama. It was held annually in Columbia, MO and hosted by Community Radio station KOPN, and culminated in a live broadcast of original radio plays, with the radio station and several local sound studios stripped of equipment to make it all happen. These are two of the plays from the 1985 MRTW.

    The Best Things In Life Are $19.99

    It’s a tale of a small town where you can find all those things that you wish were still available because they really were the best ever made for that purpose, even if they aren’t as useful any more. Written by Jake Schumacher and directed by David Ossman.

    Garage Sale

    His wife has left him, his life is a shambles, so he decides to get rid of everything he has left, and a garage sale is the perfect way to do it. Written by Willam Borden, and directed by Dottie Endyke.
  • December 19, 2021

    Red Shift, by th eFancy Pants Gangsters
    A pair of tales from RedShift, a podcast of audio theater from the Twin Cities’ own The Fancy Pants Gangsters, under the direction of Evan Pederson.

    The Best Little Cleaning Robot in All of Faerie

    When a magical realm intrudes into the lives of the crew of the starship Zinnia, the ship’s only hope is The Best Little Cleaning Robot In All Of Faerie. Written by Susan Jane Bigelow.

    Crazy Rhythm

    Under the thumb of a tyrannical director, a World War One veteran is asked to create movie magic. What he creates borders on the impossible. Places please for Crazy Rhythm by Carrie Vaughn.
  • December 26, 2021

    Lance Manley, Library Detective
    Lance Manley, Library Detective

    Lance is the security officer at the International Falls Public Library, and he has to deal with the late fees, the sticky fingers, and the hoodlums who write in library books - and sometimes even worse than that. Three episodes from the case files, and the
    Icebox Radio Theater in International Falls, MN.

    The pilot episode,
    The Case of the Molted Falcon, and The Case of the White-Out Wacko. Written and directed by Jeffrey Adams.


  • January 2, 2022

    Irreverent Radio

    Irreverent Radio

    Pagan Children’s Fund - from the Iowa Radio Project.
    International Youth On Parade - from the Firesign Theatre’s Pink Hotel Burns Down.

    Heaven As Usual
    It’s a normal day in the office… God’s office, that is. By John Kitchener. Directed by David Ossman and Stuart Leigh.

    The Appointed Rounds
    It’s Take Your Daughter To Work Day, and today she finds out just what it is her father does for a job. Written by Matt Cowley, and directed by Brian Price.
  • January 9, 2022

    Cosmo and Robetta
    Cosmo and Robetta

    A pop rock operetta by Jimmy Griffin and Robb Royer of the band
    Bread. Written and mostly produced in 1973-74, but not released until 2010.

    It tells of Cosmo, who is an electronics genius and the only human employee of Savage Motors. In his spare time he has built Robetta, a robot with human looks and sensitivities. It’s boy builds girl, girl gets stolen away by corporate greed, boy gets… well, you get the idea.

    Available on many music streaming platforms, and in segments on
    YouTube. And with a kicker by The Android Sisters.
  • January 16, 2022

    Frozen Frights from Icebox Radio Theater

    A psychological suspense tale by Jeffrey Adams and the
    Icebox Radio Theater. Very well produced - good music and acting, with a disjointed structure that matches the story.

    Just one of the
    Frozen Frights podcast episodes, from International Falls, MN.

    The Nihilist’s Inning

    A dark grey satire about baseball and the human condition. By Tim Wick and
    Big Fun Radio Funtime, a project of Fearless Comedy Productions.
  • January 23, 2022

    High Moon
    Riding off in all directions…

    A Look Back at 2021
    Excerpts from an episode of a BBC comedy show from 1994 called
    A Look Back At the Future, with each show consisting of sketches about one year. This one seemed particularly appropriate.

    A Dead Body’s A Deal Breaker
    A Mark Markheim Minuscule Mystery from the
    One Act Players of San Francisco.

    Exorcism In Your Daily Life
    An educational film from the
    Firesign Theatre, from their recent release of shows Live From the Magic Mushroom.

    Scourge of the Desert
    Making a sleepover fun by telling stories. The imagination of the young. From
    ZPPR Productions, written by George Zarr.

    High Moon
    An itinerant wizard has to face off with a young spellslinger in the foothills of the Rigamarole Mountains. A
    Great Northern Audio Theatre production, live at Minicon and featuring David Ossman and Jane Yolen.
  • January 30, 2022

    Goblin Tax, by Allen Varney
    Wizards Galor

    Goblin Tax
    Four young folks engage in a spirited role-playing game of wizards and demons, and somewhere it kind of slips over the edge. Written by
    Allen Varney, and produced by KFAI’s own Shockwave Radio Theater.

    Tell Them NAPA Sent You
    A man goes looking for specific auto parts, and finds he has to deal with wizards and dwarves to get the right ones. A
    Great Northern Audio Theatre production featuring David Ossman and Michael Sheard (Star Wars, Dr. Who).

    The Ah-Ha! Phenomena, Act 1
    Jack Flanders is convinced to go looking for the ultimate inspirational experience, the Ah-Ha of the Unified Field Theory. Part one of a Jack Flanders adventure from
    ZBS. Written by Meatball Fulton, and starring Robert Lorick. (Conclusion next week.)
  • February 6, 2022

    The Ah-Ha Phenomena, from ZBS
    The Ah-Ha! Phenomena, Act 2-3

    Jack Flanders enters the Invisible Realms searching for the secret archives containing the past, present and future Ah-Ha inspirations. He has to deal with nasty trolls, wizards and demons and fierce beasts that protect them.

    Written by Meatball Fulton, starring Robert Lorick, and produced by

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