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  • December 31, 2023

    Radio In The Round

    30th Anniversary Show

    Time and Distance
    The phone rings every so often, but it’s only Mr. Nobody.
    Terry Carnes Wilhelm’s play, performed and broadcast live on KFAI from
    Theater in the Round on the West Bank, as part of the Radio In The Round series.

    Mary Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
    A man comes to Minneapolis looking to find the REAL Mary Richards of WJM TV in Minneapolis.
    Produced by Dan Coffey at the
    Iowa Radio Project, this is the first full radio play I presented on Sound Affects, January 8, 1994.
  • January 7, 2024

    Sound Affects: A Radio Playground

    30 Years of Sound Affects

    The first Sound Affects was January 1, 1994. So here are a few short audio works I have had something to do with, or had an influence on what I brought to the show. And a few comments from some friends in the audio theater community ~ Jerry

  • January 14, 2024

    407 Aarachne, by Brian d
    407 Arachne

    Brian d’Eon’s award winning play about astronauts returning from Mars who get stranded while visiting an asteroid.

    Produced by Jerry Stearns, directed by Jennifer Arave for
    SoundStories. It won a Mark Time Award for best science fiction audio production of 1999. Recorded and mixed in the KFAI studios.
  • January 21, 2024

    Drummer’s Dome
    Great Northern Audio Theatre play was performed live at Minicon 35 in 2000. Listening to it later we realized there was another chapter to the story. So we wrote it, but we couldn’t get the excellent cast together again. We had to rerecord the whole thing in the studio. But this performance is so good I had to make sure it gets its due. It features David Ossman as Drummer, with Jane Yolen and Irene Ruderman (Clark), and Jeff Schalles on drums.

    The Survey
    A survey taker comes to ask questions of the elderly lady who answers the door. The questions seem to be about how people think of their place in the universe. It’s only at the end that we find out who the survey is from and what it’s about. From Yuri Rasovskty’s
    2000X series.

    The Bed and Breakfast Burglar
    Essex Audio Theater presents this play produced for the Hosiprog series of entertainment for hospitals in England. An elderly couple are awakened by a burglar n their house, but they are able to subdue him. Then the negotiations and scheming begin. It was written by Sue Lenier.
  • January 28, 2024

    Boneyard Man
    A Canadian Showcase

    The Boneyard Man – The Prestigious Prestidigitator
    The Natural Broadcasting Company of London, Ontario presents another episode of this very silly takeoff on The Shadow. Performed live periodically over 15 seasons, it is an irregular feature on CHRW, the University of Western Ontario radio station. Featuring Jeff Culbert, Rachel Jones, Jayson McDonald, and Jeff Werkmeister.

    Peter Galaxy: Interstellar Envoy
    Two long retired radio actors suddenly discover that their old radio show had a much greater reach than they had ever imagined. Two aliens arrive asking for their help, and don’t leave them any real choice in the matter.

    Originally written for the
    Mark Time Radio Show, and produced here by the Decoder Ring Theatre of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada for their Summer Showcase (Season 9) as an episode of Mark Time Show Time.
  • February 4, 2024

    The Corer Bar on Alpha Prime
    The Corner Bar On Alpha Prime

    Misfits Audio presents this series written by Mike Murphy.

    The New Bartender
    On the far-off world of Alpha Prime, Earthman Kent Stone brings a new bartender to his watering hole, an android known as SAL, who supposedly has 1,001 uses.

    Zooster Sent Me
    Kent and SAL meet Treena, a young woman who believes that her god has sent her to The Corner Bar to learn something profound..

    The Spirit Among the Spirits
    Business plummets when a ghost starts haunting the bar.
  • February 11,2024

    2 Minute Film Noir
    Annie Speed and the Ukrainian Blackmailer

    Annie misses the guys down at the precinct, but not the police work. Now she runs her own detective agency. Then a customer comes in that she hasn’t seen since a long ago high school reunion, and he has a tale of a beautiful woman, the Ukrainian Embassy, and blackmail. But it’s a mystery story, so you shouldn’t count on things being as they are presented.

    Written by Rick McVey and presented for the
    Don’t Touch That Dial radio series by the Bristol Radio Theater out of Johnson City, Tennessee.

    2 Minute Film Noir
    4 Episodes from the series by
    ZBS. Short noir tales for radio., featuring tough guys, tougher dames, and coppers.
  • February 18, 2024

    The Lost Command
    Antietam: The Lost Command

    A lead-up to Antietam, one of the worst battles of the War Between the States. It’s kind of from a Confederate point of view. It’s a dramatic story, but I wouldn’t count it as a resource for historical accuracy.

    Produced by
    Sound Mind Theater. I found it listed as formerly for sale on Amazon, but it’s no longer available, and there’s nothing else on the production company. So I guess that means you can only hear it here.
  • February 25, 2024

    Tiny Dreams from ZBS
    A Trip to Great Britain

    No. 2 Ding Street
    A man finds out he has inherited something from his step-father, and he’s not sure what to do with it. But there are quite a lot of people who have some suggestions.

    Hosiprog was a production company that made audio entertainment for British hospital patients. This is one of their works, written by Bill Barrow.

    Take a Dose of Laughter
    Yo know that phrase “Laugher is the best medicine”? This is a story about a Doctor’s office in Britain that takes the idea seriously. From the
    Essex Audio Theatre.

    A Ship In A Bottle
    Telling a friend about a dream you had can be cathartic, even if you don’t know what it means. One of the
    Tiny Dreams tales from ZBS.
  • March 3, 2024

    Goldfish, by Raymond Chandler

    Philip Marlowe, one of the toughest of the noir detectives of the 1940s, is after the Leander Pearls. They were stolen decades ago, and the thief was caught, but the pearls were never recovered. You just know there’s dames, and intrigue, and double crosses involved.

    The story was written by Raymond Chandler. The production comes from
    Otherworld Media, adapted by David Ossman, produced by Judith Walcutt, and starring Harris Yulin as Marlowe, and Harry Anderson as the very dangerous Sunset. Recorded on location in the Pacific Northwest, where the original story was set, so listen with your headphones for the full effect.
  • March 10, 2024

    Houston, Houston, Do You Read?
    Houston, Houston, Do You Read?

    Three astronauts embark on a trip around the sun, but on their return the only people who respond on the radio from Earth are women. They find they have somehow been flung into the future where a plague has killed all men on Earth. The women send a ship to rescue them, and find there are bigger problems that arise. Story themes revolve around feminism, environmentalism, and male violence.

    Original story by J
    ames Tiptree, Jr., and won both the Hugo and Nebula Awards for Best Science Fiction Novella in 1977. Production is from the Sci-Fi Radio Series on NPR, and is listed in the Mark Time Science Fiction Audio Hall of Fame.
  • March 17, 2024

    The Space Merchants
    The Space Merchants

    In the future overpopulated, corporate controlled world, the advertising companies hold the most sway. Fowler Shocken is the biggest. Mitchell Courtney is in charge of the account to convince people to take the “opportunity” to colonize Venus, without telling them it’s a hellhole. But Courtney’s position is not secure: there are those who want his job.

    A Classic science fiction novel by
    Frederik Pohl and C.M. Kornbluth. Excellent SF satire, and noted for its use of invented language: such as first use of “try-Di” to mean three-dimensional, “R and D” for Research and Development, “Muzak” as a generic term. and first use of “survey” as a term to mean taking a poll.

    The production is from the
    CBS Radio Workshop in 1956-57. Film rights were sold, but a movie version was never made.

    Listed as one of the
    best SF Novels of all time, Pohl wrote a sequel in 1984 titled The Merchants War. Three other books by these authors are similar in satirical style and in plot outline - Gladiator At Law, Wolfbane and Search the Sky.

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