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  • April 19, 2015

    Jokes In Space
    Jokes In Space

    Great Northern Audio presents a loose collection of comic sci-fi and fantasy sketches performed as the Mark Time Radio Show of 2009. The latest on abandoned warehouses, dead Tribbles, interstellar disasters, internet get-rich scams and tips to sell your planet in today's competitive marketplace. Written and Produced by Brian Price, Eleanor Price, and Jerry Stearns.

    The Nihilist Inning - a comedy baseball sketch by Tim Wick, from Fearless Comedy Productions and the Big Fun Radio Funtime Show, March 22, 2015, at the Bryant Lake Bowl in Uptown Minneapolis.
  • April 26, 2015

    Ruby and the Tookah
    Ruby 9.5 - Who Knows How This Ends?

    The Continuing Adventures of a Galactic Gumshoe, from

    Deep in the jungles of the Great Zeezeeboos, on the planet of Summa Nulla, is the spiral city of Oroboros, once known as The City of the Future But the future has passed, Oroboros has been abandoned.

    Ruby receives a message from Toots Mutant of the Zoot Mutants claiming that And/Or and the Digital Circus entered Oroboros and vanished. So Ruby, along with the archaeologist T.J. Teru, and the slippery little Rodant Kapoor, venture into the sweltering jungles of the Great Zeezeeboos where they discover that Oroboros is no longer abandoned, in fact, she’s alive!

    Many thanks to Libby Donohue, producer of KFAI's
    The Transatlantic Mixtape Of Your Mind, for sitting in for Jerry.
  • May 3, ,2015

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    It's About Time, Episodes 1 & 2

    Steve and Charlie apply for a job at a travel agency, but find out that people who go into the back office, don't come out. Where are they going? It seems that the
    It's About Time Travel Agency means what the name says.

    Help Wanted and The Heist - Join Charlie and Steven as they bumble their way through time trying to get rich quick.

    From The Cardinal James Show, written by Charlie James and Steve Cardinal.
  • May 10, 2015

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    It's About Time, Episodes 3 & 4

    Bride of Dracula - Still looking for a way to leverage the power of the portal for profit, Charlie and Steve enter into an unholy deal with one of the most sinister men in history.

    Dewey Decimated
    - December, 48 BC – The forces of Caesar and Cleopatra battle King Ptolemy XIII in Alexandria. Though victorious, Caesar is blamed for setting the great Library of Alexandria on fire, resulting in the destruction of one of the greatest treasures of human knowledge ever to exist. But what if that’s not how it happened?
  • May 17, 2015

    Brad Lansky and the Rogue Era, from Protophonic
    Brad Lansky and the Rogue Era, Part 1

    The next chapter, after The 4-D Verse, in the science fiction tale from
    Protophonic studios in South Africa.

    Biological or ‘B-life’ was overtaken by A-life centuries ago and now the balance of power is at the tipping point.

    An invisible rogue planet on a perfect collision course with Earth caught everyone by surprise, even GAIA. With nearly all forty billion humans still living on Earth, this time it really is the end of the world for B-life.

    Does humanity deserve to survive? Does Earth? Does ‘deserve’ have anything to do with it?

    Concluded next week.
  • May 24, 2015

    Brad Lansky and the Rogue Era from Protophonic
    Brad Lansky and the Rogue Era, Part 2

    There is a woman, Brinn, a scientist who has scoured the entire DNA database for the best biological capabilities, plant and animal alike. These she integrated into her own biome, evolved to the pinnacle of B-life in a single package. She has lived to give B-life a fighting chance in a cruel cosmos.

    She will determine the nature of the Rogue Era.

    Written by J. D. Venne, produced by Dieter Zimmermann.
  • March 31, 2015

    The Fourth Ambit
    The Fourth Ambit, Episode 2: Tethers

    An ambitious 9-part story from
    The Ambit Group. The Internet has grown into a chaotic conglomeration of full-immersion virtual spaces collectively known as the Ambit. As a tracker, Gilles's job is to navigate his way through this madness.

    In doing so, however, he becomes immersed in a web of intrigue. There is order behind the seeming chaos - a Second Ambit behind the first. And the revelations don't end there. Behind the chaos, beneath the order there is a Third Ambit. And even a Fourth.

    We bring you only Episode 2 to introduce you to the characters, and to the well-defined future world. Written and performed by Dawson Nichols.
  • June 7, 2015

    Blues for Johnny Raven
    Blues For Johnny Raven: The Ambience Man

    A very different kind of detective story, using the tropes and memes of audio drama as the thread of the plot.

    Johnny Raven is a detective from outside the loop. He's hired to protect a frightened woman, but as he digs into the case he finds he's up against some tough character voices, and a lot of background ambience.

    Written by Thomas E. Fuller, founder of the
    Atlanta Radio Theater Company.
  • June 14, 2015

    The Stan Freberg Show
    The Stan Freberg Show

    Two episodes from Freberg's radio show from 1957. It is considered a milestone in radio, covering 15 episodes, but it never had a sponsor. Freberg turned down several partial sponsors, and two cigarette companies offering full sponsorship.

    The first show in the series brings us
    Tuned Sheep, and a biting satire, Incident at Los Varoces, about two feuding Las Vegas Hotels. It was recorded and sent to the network, whose censors ordered a rewrite. It was rapidly rerecorded for broadcast the next day. What we have here is the original recording, not the rewrite.

    The fourth series show features guest star Hans Conreid, along with his regulars, Daws Butler, Peter Leeds and June Foray.

    Libby Donohue, of KFAI's
    TransAtlantic Mixtape of Your Mind, sitting in for Jerry tonight.
  • June 21, 2015

    In the Embers
    In The Embers, Part 1

    New from the
    Great Northern Audio Theatre.

    A song, a pressed flower, and the sound of two girl’s voices recovered from a burned wooden beam by using a laser to read its charred surface like the grooves of an old 78rpm record. These are the clues that archaeologist, Digger Morgan, discovers while working on a routine Maryland plantation dig. Who were the girls? When was the fire? The answers all lead to 1920s jazz pioneer, Kit Jeffers, whose voice mysteriously appears on Digger’s computer, and whose existence remains haunted by a singular tragic event.

  • June 28, 2015

    In The Embers, Part 2

    Written and Produced by Brian Price and Jerry Stearns. Mixed at the ZBS Studios, Froggy Acres in Upstate New York. Original Music by Mike Wheaton, songs by Wheaton and Brian Price. Featuring Robin Miles, Edwin Strout, Dawn Krosnowski, Gordon Smuder, Susanne Becker, Dean Johnson, Charlie Meitzner, Tom Joyal, Jacquie Maddix, and E.G. Bailey.
  • July 5, 2015

    To Be Announced

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