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  • September 13, 2015

    The Pride of Mozambique

    A mystery radio drama about a diamond stolen at a dinner party in 1940s New York. The
    Deadbeat Radio Theater presents a play made up of the interviews with the people attending the party. What they saw and what they knew. Each character interview written by the actor portraying it.

    Senseless Cruelty

    An unusual western by
    Duck's Breath Mystery Theater, from their 1989 cassette release, restored by Taylor Jessen. It's funny, it's surreal, it's smart comedy. From their album Senseless Cruelty and Other Comedies!
  • September 20, 2015

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    KFAI's Fall Membership Drive, Part 1

    Selected obscure shorts from comedy records that are hard to find these days. Starting with several from
    Duck's Breath Mystery Theater's Senseless Cruelty and Other Comedies!, including some of the very first Ask Dr. Science bits, and commentaries from Ian Shoales. The album was recorded and released by Minnesota Public Radio in 1989, and has been restored to better than the original by Taylor Jessen, available on his blog site, Fuji Puzzlebox. Then we have a piece called Uncle Buddy, from The Ernie Kovacs Album, 1976, about a kid's show host taking two youngsters on a boat trip.

    Next are a few from the
    National Lampoon comedy records, the White Album, and Greatest Hits. This set includes Deteriorata, a song about reupolsterers, and Shakespeare Knock Knock jokes.
    And we finish up with some more from the Duck's Breath record, including a prescient piece about
    Super Bowl 50 (which is coming up next February).
  • September 27, 2015

    Bridge on the River Wye
    KFAI's Fall Membership Drive, Part 2

    The Bridge on the River Wye, which is a parody of an obvious film. Written in 1957 by Spike Milligan for the Goon Show, and rerecorded in 1962 to make for better production values and music produced by George Martin (the Beatles). Cast includes Milligan and Peter Sellers joined by Peter Cook and Jonathan Miller. Vinyl record restored by Taylor Jessen.

    Then we finish up this Pledge Drive show with a pair of
    Unrelated Theater bits from the Mark Time Radio Shows, and a pair of sketches from Duck's Breath Mystery Theater's 1985 Greetings From Duck's Breath album of material heard on NPR.
  • October 4, 2015

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    The Stealer of Souls, Episodes 1 & 2

    About a wickedly bad soul who tries to swipe the essence of innocents, leaving them with a blank look and an overwhelming desire to watch Maury Povich. The only opposition is a fumbling English professor armed with grape Jello! First is
    The Trouble With Amy, and followed by Game, Soul and Match.

    From the
    Radio Repertory Company of America. Written by Larry Weiner, with production and original score by Angelo Panetta.
  • October 11, 2015

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    The Stealer of Souls, Episodes 3 & 4

    Git Along Little Soul, Prof. Southworth and his graduate student, Maggie, attend a rodeo in Houston where he sees familiar behavior from a rodeo clown, and he's forced to ride a bucking bronco to save another victim of the Stealer of Souls. Two episodes, one story, from the Radio Repertory Company of America.

    With a special guest appearance by Katey Sagal (Married... with Children).
  • October 18, 2015

    Tales from the Museum
    Tales of the Museum, Episodes 4 & 11

    A terrific ghost and occult series from
    Darker Projects, written by Charles Russell. Featuring Perry Whittle as Keith Nash, Special Services Coordinator of the Regional Museum in Johnson City, TN. We present two episodes from the series of 13 tonight, and two more next week.

    4. Beneath the Foundation: On a cold, full moon night a peculiar gathering takes place at the museum. This is the Second Annual Haunted Museum Mystery Tour. Psychics, mediums and fans of the occult pack into the museum for an overnight program packed with supernatural activity. As with much of what goes on in the regional museum, it’s all fun and games… until the ghosts show up.

    11. Bloody Haven: Nash’s quiet vacation in the Tennessee Woodlands is interrupted by a call from the Museum – Dr. Mancuso has disappeared from those very same woods while doing research for a local college. Has she met the same fate as the others who have mysteriously vanished from that site? More importantly, are the fish biting today?
  • October 25, 2015

    Tales from the Museum
    Tales of the Museum, Episodes 12 & 13

    Darker Projects presents the series by Charles Russell.

    Beyond the Veil: It’s business as usual in the Johnson City Regional Museum, and the levels of supernatural energy are slowly rising to critical levels in the Vanmount Theater Annex. Is it this boring in YOUR office?

    13. Finale: The Battle for the Museum: It all comes down to this: Nash and his co-workers, having received warnings of something big and spooky about to happen, are unable to enjoy the Museum’s big Halloween party. Their worried minds are soon made worrieder by the appearance of several ghosts, a medium and a strange mix of highly sinister characters. It soon becomes apparent that there is a turf war in progress – and the Battle For The Museum has already begun…
  • November 1, 2015

  • November 8, 2015


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