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  • September 11, 2016

    Spontoon Islands Radio
    Spontoon Radio - It’s Shot From Guns

    Rosie’s Place - THE place for lunch on Meeting Island is Luchow's. Originally broadcast Sept. 18, 1938.
    It’s Shot From Guns - A restaurant needs lots of clean napkins and table cloths, so Rosie sends dimbulb fox brothers, B'onss and K'nutt, out to do some laundry. B'onss sets up a washing machine powered by an airplane engine. And the usual wacky characters stop by Luchow's - like Nicholai Lopanearov, Rt. Hon. A. Cadbury Mouchoir, Cuthbert Calico and police Sargeant Brush.

    Starring Jeni Warwick as Rosie, and featuring KFAI’s own Beryl Greenberg and Charles Brin.
  • September 18, 2016

    Pledge Drive Show - Prose poetry and monologues

    We entertain you, and you call up and contribute to the show as best you can. Or you can always go to
    here and make a pledge online. Be sure to mention Sound Affects where it says to Specify a Program.

    Tonight we bring you single voice works that are funny and profound, surreal and in excellent voice.
  • September 25, 2016

    Stacks Image 2497
    Wooden Overcoats, Ep. 1, The Bane of Rudyard

    On the overlooked Channel Island of Piffling, obstinate undertaker Rudyard Funn runs his family’s failing funeral parlour. But when new and sexy undertaker Eric Chapman sets up shop across the square and becomes an immediate sensation, Rudyard realises he’ll have to take drastic steps to stay in business.

    A terrific series from the UK, now in production of their second season of the series. We’ll be airing all eight episodes of season one, so tune in again next week.
  • October 2, 2016

    Wooden Overcoats
    Wooden Overcoats, Episode 2 - Flowers for Chapman

    Rudyard Funn fights back at the new funeral director in Piffling through sinister sabotage and the power of the Piffling press. Written by Christopher Hogg. Check their website at:


    A collection of sci-fi silly sketches from SHOCKWAVE, a show that used to be on KFAI. Includes
    Preconceptions: News of the Future and Captain Audio and the Space Cassettes. Available from the Great Northern Audio Theatre website, and on DavE Romm’s Shockwave Silver page.
  • October 9, 2016

    Wooden Overcoats
    Wooden Overcoats, Episode 3 - The Little Death

    Antinone’s weekly cinema trip is ruined by Rudyard’s latest attempt to spite Eric Chapman. Written by Tom Crowley. You can subscribe to the podcast4 on iTunes, and wherever podcasts are available.

    Shorts from 2000X

    Short works from the 2000X science fiction series - stories for the new millennium. Iincluding:
    Revival Meeting by Dannie Plachta, Collector’s Fever by Roger Zelazny, and In A Thousand Years by Hans Christian Anderson.
  • October 16, 2016

    Wooden Overcoats
    Wooden Overcoats, Episode 4 - Tempting Fête

    Rudyard’s village fête is coming along nicely, until a chance remark from Eric Chapman throws everything into turmoil. Written by David K. Barnes.

    The Vampires Next Door

    David lived in a pretty regular neighborhood until the day his new neighbors arrived. Nathan soon discovers that being nosy can have dire consequences. Written by Peter Sellers for the
    Fears For Ears anthology of horror fiction stories. This anthology won a Gold Ogle Award for Horror Audio in 2002.
  • October 23, 2016

    Wooden Overcoats
    Wooden Overcoats, Episode 5 - She Stoops To Conquer

    Antingone’s journey into the world of romance is hijacked by Rudyard, who needs her to seduce a rich and valuable client. Written by T. A. Woodsmith.

    This is only episode 5 of 8, and the second season of the series is already starting. Check it out at

    The Violin’s Curse

    Gypsies and a haunted violin bring this ancient tale to life. From
    Little Evil Things, Volume 4. Written and produced by Frank Macchia and Tracy London. Music performed by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra.
  • October 30, 2016

    Wooden Overcoats
    Wooden Overcoats, Episode 6 - Georgina and the Waves

    A drunken lighthouse keeper pits Rudyard and Eric against each other in the strangest contest of their lives. Written by David K. Barnes.

    The Rug

    Edna Dowell is a feisty old woman who’s more than a little senile. With the rent money due and the cupboards bare, Edna discovers a new way to handle life’s little problems… even if it involves just a tad of bludgeoning. By Edo van Belkom for
    Fears For Ears.
  • November 6, 2016

    Wooden Overcoats
    Wooden Overcoats, Episode 7 - The Cliffhanger

    Whilst Antigone vows to leave Piffling forever, Rudyard’s wildest scheme to besmirch Eric Chapman goes horrendously wrong. Written by Cordelia Lynn.


    Even as a kid he loved being under things - under the covers, under the porch, in the caverns of the caves. In the world up top he feels alone and disconnected by the cool, damp earth is comforting and joyous…a feeling he discovers he would do anything to keep. Story by Tanya Huff from the
    Ogle Award winning Fears For Ears anthology.

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