Mark Time Awards
Ogle Awards

Mark Time Awards

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The American Society For Science Fiction Audio

The Mark Time Award is given each year to honor the Best Science Fiction Audio Production on the Planet. And the Ogle Award for Best Fantasy Audio Production of the Year.

Charles Ogle played the first Frankenstein's creation in Edison's silent 1910 film of the famous science fiction horror novel. Fantasy includes magical "high" fantasy, sword and sorcery, horror, modern urban fantasy, and other things that don't fall under the criteria of Science Fiction. But, we'll be the judges of that.

Gold and Silver Mark Time Awards, and Gold and Silver Ogle Awards, were awarded at CONvergence.


Criteria for Judging:

  1. The degree to which the Production fits the subjective description "science fiction," as distinguished from "horror" or "fantasy." Originality of story and script make a difference.
  2. Use of Medium - sound design, location recording, "audio art."
  3. Writing - storyline, characterizations, dialogue, originality.
  4. Performances. (Full cast, not a "reading".)
  5. Direction.
  6. Technical production.

We really are looking for Audio Theatre, not audiobooks with some actors in them. Remakes of Old Time Radio programs, and adaptations that have been done before, will be judged against the original versions as well as current criteria above.

Judges for the 2014 Awards were:

Many thanks to GPS, the Geek Partnership Society for their many years of support and encouragement of the Awards, and for their other activities in celebration of a geeks' life.



by David Ossman


The American Society For Science Fiction Audio was founded in 1996 by David Ossman, Jerry Stearns and Richard Fish. The trio met in April that year in Minneapolis for Minicon 31 and appeared together in “Coming Soon to a Galaxy Near You,” a live radio-style performance of five short plays by Stearns, Ossman and Brian Price. (The cast also included the noted SF and Fantasy author, Jane Yolen.)

Ossman, a member of The Firesign Theatre and independent audio producer, actor and teacher, suggested to the others that the image of his radio character, “Mark Time,” (drawn by Bill Stout) could be used to salute the work of a new generation of writer/producers. Stearns, a long-time KFAI radio host, for many years a writer/producer of programs for the Minicon science-fiction conventions and an authority on SF audio, contributed his access to the Minicon stage and Twin Cities’ fandom in addtion to writing and producing the event itself.

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