The Ogle Award
Winners for the 2002 Production Year

The Mark Time Award is given each year to honor the
Year's Best Science Fiction Audio Production on the Planet.
The Ogle Award is for Best Fantasy/Horror Audio Production of the Year.


Awards presented at Convention, 7:00 PM, Friday, July 4, 2003.
Radisson South Hotel, Bloomington, MN.


The Seventh Annual Mark Time Awards for the Best Audio Science Fiction of the Year were presented at the ConVergence Science Fiction Convention at the Radisson Hotel in Bloomington, MN on July 4th, 2003. (see photo below.)

Jerry Stearns, producer of the Mark Time Awards presentation, says "We're very excited this year because so many of the winners from all over the continent were able to attend the convention to accept their awards in person." Stearns says there were winners attending from five states and Canada.

"The Mark Time/Ogle Awards are the only awards given in this country that are solely for audio theater," says David Ossman, founding member of the Firesign Theatre comedy troup and creator of the Mark Time character. "These shows represent a wide variety of production styles and sub-genres of science fiction and fantasy. They sound great."

The Mark Time Award is named after the character created by the Firesign Theatre in the 1970s. The Ogle Award is named for Charles Ogle, who played the Frankenstein monster in Thomas Editon's 1910 film of the Mary Shelley novel.

The winners of the Mark Time and Ogle Science Fiction and Fantasy Audio Awards
for the production year 2002.


David Ossman, Richard Fish and Jerry Stearns created the Mark Time Award in conjunction with Minicon, the Minnesota Science Fiction Society's annual convention for 1997. Now they are sponsored by MISFITS, the Minnesota Society For Interest in Science Fiction and Fantasy. Tom Lopez of ZBS was the first presenter. The Ogle Award for Fantasy & Horror audio productions was added in 1999. Each year a Gold and Silver award are given in each genre. Lifetime Achievement Awards have also been presented to Douglas Adams (creator of the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"), and long time audio producers Tom Lopez and Yuri Rasovsky.

David Ossman described the genre at the first awards ceremony this way: "The best special effects are the ones inside your head. The best aliens are the ones that only you can see, and you only see them in your own mind. … [Science fiction is] one of the largest genres in the whole world of audio publishing anyway, mostly because people love to listen to it. It's movies in your mind."

You can find more information about the ConVergence convention on-line at
ConVergence is a project of MISFITS, the Minnesota Society For Interest in Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Some Mark Time and Ogle winners at breakfast during ConVergence 2003.
Jerry Stearns, David Ossman, Aida Memisevic, Jeffrey Adams, Rich Frohlich, Thomas O'Neill.

Judges for the 2002 Mark Time and Ogle Awards were:

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