The Ogle Award

Winners for the
1999 Production Year


The Mark Time Award is given each year to honor the
Best Science Fiction Audio Production on the Planet.
The Ogle Award is for Best Fantasy/Horror Audio Production of the Year.

The American Society for Science Fiction Audio announces the Society's awards for the 1999 production year. The "Mark Time Award" is given to the best science fiction audio production since 1996, and the "Ogle Award" for best Horror/Fantasy audio production. (The "Ogle" is named after Charles Ogle, who played the role of Frankenstein's Monster in Thomas Edison's 1910 film version of the classic tale.) Also, the Society presents its Grand Master Awards, for lifetime achievement in SF Audio.

The Gold Mark Time goes to "407 Arachne", a hard science story in classic style. Three astronauts returning from a six-month expedition to Mars make amazing discoveries and must struggle to survive in space. The judges especially liked the rich and believeable soundscape in which the story occurs. Written by Canadian Brian d'Eon, the program was produced in Minneapolis for the SoundStories: Audio Theater Company by Jerry Stearns, and directed by Jennifer Arave.

The Silver Mark Time goes to "Time Out For Bill Lizard", which was first broadcast in 1999 on Irish National Radio. The work was written and produced by Roger Gregg, an American living in Dublin, Ireland. He also performed ALL the voices. In this first adventure of a proposed series, Bill Lizard encounters a strange mobile phone which randomly plunges Lizard into parallel worlds each time it rings. The judges were impressed with the high energy of the performances and the production.

The Gold Ogle is given this year to "Back To Frankenstein", produced for the student radio station at the University of California at Davis. Les Light is the writer and producer of this lighthearted story of a college student who borrows a time machine to go back and talk to Mary Shelley about her book "Frankenstein" in order to do a book report for her classes. She meets not only the the author, but Dr. Frankenstein and the monster. It is a fast moving and ambitious production.

And Minicon is very proud to present the third Grand Master Award for lifetime contribution to SF&F audio to Yuri Rasovsky. Yuri has done dozens of science fiction and fantasy works in his 30 years producing audio drama. The first one I heard was an adaptation of Robert Heinlein's "By His Bootstraps" done in 1984 with Richard Dreyfus as nearly everybody. In 1999 he released a very scary production of "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari." Currently Mr. Rasovsky is producing "Beyond 2000", an anthology series of 26 hour-long classic SF stories airing on NPR this spring and summer.

The Awards ceremony took place at Minicon 35, the Minnesota Regional Science Fiction Convention in Minneapolis, MN, on April 21, 2000. ASFSFA wishes to thank the convention committee of Minicon for their support of the Mark Time Awards. We would also like to express our appreciation for support from the National Audio Theater Festival.

Judges for the 1999 Mark Time and Ogle Awards weree:

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