Winners for the
1998 Production Year


The Mark Time Award is given each year to honor the
Best Science Fiction Audio Production on the Planet.
The Ogle Award is for Best Fantasy/Horror Audio Production of the Year.

The American Society for Science Fiction Audio announces the Society's awards for the 1998 production year. In addition to the "Mark Time Award" which has been given to the best science fiction audio production since 1996, the Society has established the "Ogle Award" for best Horror/Fantasy audio production. (The "Ogle" is named after Charles Ogle, who played the role of Frankenstein's Monster in Thomas Edison's first film version of the classic tale.) Also, the Society presents its first two Grand Master Awards.

The Gold Mark Time and the Gold Ogle Awards go to Jeff Ward and Doug Bost of Union Signal Productions in New York City for the first two shows in their "Discordia" series - "December 17" and "Dead Man's Hole." The judges noted the fresh and original writing in both shows, along with excellent technical and location production and a very high level of acting performance.

The Silver Mark Time was won by "The Rocketmen," written by Daniel Cline, produced by Steve Ziplow and directed by Steve Ziplow and Brad Tholen for Ziplow Productions of Hilton Head, South Carolina.
The Silver Ogle was awarded to the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company for "All Hallow's Moon,"written by Thomas E. Fuller, directed by Doug Kay, with soundscape and live mix by Henry Howard. The judges were especially impressed by the high level of production achieved by the Atlanta Company under the difficult conditions of a live broadcast, and by the quality of writing and solid production from Ziplow's group.


The 1999 ASFSFA Grand Masters Award goes to Tom Lopez of Ft. Edward, New York for his witty, original and highly entertaining "Ruby" series which first appeared on radio in 1982 and continues this year with "Ruby 5." Lopez (writing as "Meatball Fulton") has been creating unique audio fantasy andd science fiction for over a quarter-century.
The second Grand Masters Award is presented with great pleasure to England's Douglas Adams, whose extraordinary BBC production of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" premiered twenty years ago and continues to delight new audiences on CD, in print, on television and, soon, on film.

The Awards ceremony takes place at Minicon 34, the Minnesota Regional Science Fiction Convention in Minneapolis, MN, on April 3, 1999. ASFSFA wishes to thank the convention committee of Minicon for their continued support of the Mark Time Awards.

Judges for the 1998 Mark Time and Ogle Awards were:

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